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Excellent for adult male acne/ oily skin
on 19/04/2014
I am an adult male in mid 30s. I have suffered from acne for 25 years and tried everything from laser, antibiotics, retinoids, topicals, red/ blue light, tanning etc.<br/>I have been on 5 courses of roaccutane/ isotretinoin and while this works for adult acne even at low doses (10-15mg /day) oily skin returns for me if I stop using it and the forehead spots and folliculitis follow inevitably.<br/>Saw palmetto has been discussed at length on acne forums as an anti-androgen and supposedly has the ability to reduce testosterone production. This in turn reduces oil and the spots that follow.<br/>I have been using this for approx 11 weeks having come off another medium term low dose course of roaccutane. The oil came back quickly so I tried saw palmetto as a herbal/ supposedly safe alternative to isotretinoin without the side effects.<br/>I am taking 320mg per day x 2 capsules with food. After approx 10 days use the oil production was normalised and no new spots formed.<br/>I purchased the saw palmetto from Healthspan.<br/>I plan to stick with this as a daily routine long term as it is the only solution I have found other than roaccutane and that drug has potentially serious side effects.<br/>For women, spironolactone would achieve a similar result and seems to work but it is not recommended for men.<br/>I do not know what the long term side effects of saw palmetto use are but studies seem to be favourable.<br/>I am writing this to offer help to other male adults with very oily skin / forehead acne who are at a loss with standard therapies. It really is working for me and I had given up hope prior.