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on 28/04/2014
I just started the acne org regimen about 2 months ago and realized the drugstore version was not doing it! so I bought the acne org kit. Although I have not been on it for a long period of time I love this with the regimen! my skin was not terribly dry using the new Dans BP but a little and I do have uneven skin tone I was surprise at the slight sting at first but then my skin felt amazing!!! it was soft dead skin that I had came off and felt relaxing and cooling on skin. tones down red spots of skin amazing product!
on 17/04/2014
This product works very well on acne with (Dan's R). My skin is use to Benzoyl Peroxide. However, this one is much less irritating and creamy. There is two problems I have with this product. It comes in only a small sized tube.. which if your like me you will go through fast for the 2 times daily application. WOMEN!! NOTE THIS PLEASE! if you want your makeup to look smooth with application do not use this product!! it turns white when you sweat and balls up. I noticed after using liquid makeup with my beauty blender allowing both my BP to soak in. Moisturizer and primer that it got very cakey look to my inner t zone. It took me forever to figure out what was the cause of this. I love to use this at night but like Dan said a gel based BP sounds more ideal. Im thinking about ordering the one from Acne org because of the good reviews as well as its hard to find a gel based BP that is 2.5%