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on 16/04/2014
It took a while to kick in, but my face is clear as of now. I only had light acne with no cysts. I'd maybe get a cyst or two every month, but the second I got on this stuff I didn't have to deal with cysts anymore. During the first two months I was breaking out like crazy with these little pustules, but I kept at it and continued taking the meds. After about the second month everything stopped. All and all, the medication did exactly what it was made to do. It stopped the bacterial growth and my body pushed out all the bacteria. I've read a lot of reviews saying the acne comes back when they get off of it, but what did you expect? The medication only stops the growth of bacteria while your immune system kills the infection. It's a team effort. This is where diet comes in to play. I cleansed out my system during the time being and I never break out when I miss a day or two of taking the meds. I wouldn't recommend using this alone for light acne. Go with a topical solution you can apply on your face for light acne unless you don't mind waiting a few months. I'd also recommend taking a probiotic to make up for all the good bacteria you're losing from the meds. Remember, minocycline stops ALL bacterial growth, not just the bad kind. One thing I regret not doing sooner is steaming my face. I could've sped up the purging phase if I did it sooner, but oh well. Learn from my mistakes.