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on 20/04/2014
So I have been breaking out really badly around my chin/jaw for the past couple of weeks.. I usually have one or two pimples at any time but it had been out of control and I don't know why. I have been trying many new remedies testing to see what will work for me(including witch hazel, Epsom salt, milk of magnesia, just started acv). None of these things have made any significant difference. Tonight, I decided to try a honey and cinnamon mask. I used honey as a mask once before but didn't see any noticeable change. I left this honey/cinnamon on for about 15-20 minutes and when I wiped it off.. I was shocked! The redness that had been all over was almost totally gone, my dry patches were healed with my entire face feeling so soft and smooth, and the acne bumps were significantly smaller!! It's amazing. I have been trying things with no real results and waiting a week or more for anything to change. I guess the cinnamon makes a huge difference! I'm so happy I am at my wits end with acne. I actually broke down and cried at work this morning. I really hope this continues to work and maybe someone else will benefit from reading my experience. I'm so happy tonight :)<br/>Side note: do not use the cinnamon if you have open acne... The honey and cinnamon get absorbed and the cinnamon leaves the spot looking dark brown and it's very hard to get rid of.
on 09/04/2014
I have been using witch hazel for the past week as a toner twice daily after cleansing and I have seen such an amazing difference in my skin! The texture is softer, tone is more even, and I have seen a drastic reduction in acne with only 1 breakout so far, but a small one. I have struggled with acne for the past few years (I'm in my mid twenties) and it is devastating. Tried many many other expensive products including proactiv. Nothing i have ever tried has worked so well to improve my skin in every way. Acne gone. Tone evened. Skin soft. It's awesome. I would have never thought it would be this great. I will for sure be using witch hazel in place of other expensive products for years to come! The smell is a little unwelcoming, but it is working so I don't even care. I highly recommend using this stuff! My skin looks and feels<br/>great and I find myself wearing less and less makeup every day. I have never written a review on a product but I felt compelled to write this because it helped me so much and I want to spread the word! Try it! Only costs around $6!