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Great for very oily and sensitive skin
on 08/04/2014
I'm currently using Desert Essence brand -Kinder to Skin Australian Tea Tree oil. This one is for sensitive skin; it comes in a bigger bottle for $8.49 @ Whole Foods market. I'd say this is the best organic product that ever worked on my acne. Nothing is completely perfect but this is good enough to treat acne and skin naturally. There's been improvement ever since I started using it. I also use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean face wash and the Oil control lotion. Better than benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv, Burt's Bees, Neutrogena...I just couldn't believe Proactiv seems popular but it's no different that other over the counter medication. It has Salilyic acid just like the other ones which never worked on my acne. No effect at all. It's a waste of money to buy a product with the same ingredient when you can buy another one for a lesser price at any store.<br/>But Australian Tea Tree oil really woks if you use it the right way. I don't dilute mine with water but I probably should since it can be a bit stingy but it conditions my skin and dries up the acne. Eating healthy and not being too stressed will probably help too.