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  1. not feeling great.

    no, i live at home. my family dont care what i do as long as i dont ask them for money. (at the moment, i make some money on ebay). ive had some dead end and part time job but nothing worth talking about. i will have to go out and work in the near future but this will probably be another low end, minimum wage job. i think part of the problem is that i spend long periods alone. but i feel like ive missed out on quite a lot and often get judged before i even open my mouth due to the way i look.
  2. What type of acne is this?
  3. Nothing Works

    read some of these older threads.
  4. What could this be
  5. not really feeling great. im normally pretty emotionless and i dont care about anything but sometimes when emotions "switch on", i feel pretty terrible. life has been crappy for many years now, i guess i could say its the psychological effects of acne, like the forums title. (ive had bad skin for 17years now) gotten to the point now where i don't socialise and don't have a job. not saying im depressed but i feel really stuck.
  6. Can anyone help

    here is some other threads regarding vaping and acne
  7. Staph In My Nose Caused My Pimples

    does products like nizoral kill staph on the face?
  8. from what ive read, you can have all sort of tests done: vitamin levels, hormonal levels, check for diet problems, bacterial culture test etc. if i was rich, i would get tested for everything because i would no doubt find out what my skin problem was, then i could treat it accordingly.
  10. from what ive read, there is research to say benzoyl peroxide works after 5-10 minutes. (some skin experts recommend washing it off after 10mins or so to reduce any redness/irritation.) im not sure about tea tree/ salicylic acid though.
  11. Entire Forehead Covered in Bumps - not acne

  12. Benzoyl Peroxide Burn Permanent?

    im not a doctor but going by your description and before/after photo, i dont see a bad acne problem but i would say you have sensitive skin. imo you should be treating it accordingly ..some treatments / creams etc maybe totally wrong for your skin type. -large, painful spots under the skin are normally caused by blocked pores (caused by creams/soaps etc) but can also be a diet problem.
  13. Cures only!!!!!

    worth checking old threads here - but imo what works for one person, might not work for you. (also depends on your skin type & problem)
  14. sudocrem is ok but is known to clog the pores and cause spots and other problems. i would check vitamins not going to interfere with your antibiotics first but if you didnt know, vitamins C, Zinc & D3 are meant to work the best for skin healing & helping with acne (but do your research) worth noting, vitamins normally take upto 3 weeks to start working. - on the flip size, some foods/drinks can zap your vitamin levels - ive read coca-cola /fizzy drinks can can do this. what type of topical antibiotics are you using?
  15. firstly you need find out what type of skin problem you have and your skin type. -for example, if you have oily skin, you might want to look into vitamins to help reduce your over production of sebum etc once you have got a handle on your acne, you can start to treat you post acne marks. i would say with the correct skin routine, diet and treatments you can greatly improve your skin in 8 weeks. -to start, google search: diet for acne (what foods to avoid) sls / Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and acne. (creams and soaps to avoid) vitamins for acne & skin. treatments for post acne marks.
  16. Chronic scalp folliculitis? Please read

    im not an expert and could be wrong but ive read some medicines like antibiotics can strip the body of good bacteria and allow over growth of yeast. leading to yeast type acne bumps etc. sorry i dont know much about accutane, there is lots of threads on the forums, here, which talk about people treating there folliculitis with nizoral hair wash. do a search before trying anything. nizoral&i=forum-posts
  17. What are these on my forehead ?!?!?!

    could be folliculitis?
  18. Unseen cysts

    as you have probably read it blocked pores which create these horrible cyst lumps. imo its either diet or hormone problem. excess sugar and fizzy drinks seem to trigger them for me. i find avoiding anything which blocks pores and taking vitamins helps. as a temporary fix, the only thing ive found which kills these lumps is aspirin topically, over night (research before trying)
  19. Benzoyl Peroxide Burn Permanent?

    i wouldnt say aspirin removes dead skin but removes inflammation/redness.
  20. Benzoyl Peroxide Burn Permanent?

    im not a doctor but imo most skin damage will heal over time. in my experience my skin bounces back after 1-3 weeks. you might want to look into vitamins to boost skin healing, which might help. less is more when trying to heal skin damage. the only thing i know of which reduces redness is a over night aspirin masks. but might not work for you. (research before trying)
  21. help!

    its not standard acne. acne creams / washes wont cure it. i could be wrong but ive heard this type of "acne" is a yeast/ fungal problem. (Pityrosporum Folliculitis) research it + cure.
  22. Hormonal acne

    it normally takes upto 3 weeks for vitamins to work. isnt apple cider vinegar meant to be diluted with water to stop damage to your throat? ive heard some bad things about apple cider vinegar. apparently half a lemon, juiced with water is safer and just as good?
  23. i saw an article online about a baby moisturizer called "childs farm" helping children and adults with pretty bad eczema. i tried it and can report no bad side effects (no redness etc). might be worth trying if you can get it.
  24. Root cause of acne

    for me at least, im convinced all the pills and creams took a toll on my skin causing long term problems. sensitivity, redness, diet problems etc.. if i took nothing and didn't use any creams, i do often wonder if i could of simply grown out of acne/bad skin(?) for most people, one part of the acne problem is over production of sebum, blocking pores, causing spots / redness. you can "switch off" the over production of sebum or limit it different ways.. diet, vitamins, caveman regimen etc.
  25. Relationships

    sorry to hear that about the office. i would of thought people at a derm office would be use to people with acne?. are you sure they didn't charge you because like you said, it was only 2mins? you might not have the same problem but most of us guys with acne/skin problems who have had lots of bad experiences in the past and some of us haven't learnt how to interact with people correctly.(as we get our conference destroyed at a young age) we can give off nervous / negative vibes, bad body language etc, around people (girls/women).. im sorry to say this doesn't get the best responses. a therapist once told me "negative people, attract negative reactions".. unfortunately in my experience, this it true. the only way to "win" is to be 3000% confident. i would also say from personal experience, if your in a negative frame of mind about your skin, don't go looking for negative reactions from people. your always find something which might not even apply to you. (ie someone smiling/laughing in the street) -if you or anyone here have this sort of problem, there is tones of self help youtube videos which have good advice and teach you about bad body language etc.