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  2. milk in food.

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    ive stopped drinking milk (including small amounts, ie in tea's) and my cystic / large under the skin lump problem has gone.

    as well as no milk, ive been drinking more water, using minimal face washing (mainly with water only) and only using germolene cream to treat spots.. and my face is looking a lot better with minimal facial redness.

  3. go to a doctor to get it checked out.

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  5. 23 hours ago, 50662 said:

    I’m 17 years old and I don’t have the most severe acne in the world. In fact it’s not even spots that’s the problem it’s acne rosacea on my nose. It makes my nose appear red and bumpy and I’ve tried everything i can and it’s just exhausting. I am just looking for suggestions on what I can do that doesn’t require a dermatologist as I don’t have enough money for that and GP doesn’t help me at all. I keep having suicidial thoughts and how it would release me of all the struggle, and that scares me as i get closer and closer to accepting it will happen. You might think I’m just a stupid teenager that doesn’t understand anything, but realise everyone has their own problems and this one is mine that is giving me the biggest depression, a depression that almost feels like it’s choking me at times. I hope your suggestions help.


    i understand. facial redness can either be due to something in your diet or your sensitive to a product your using. when i was younger i would often wash my face with harsh products and use acne creams x3 times a day.. unfortunately i was causing 90% of my acne breakouts/redness myself.

    i would recommend doing a google search on what foods/drinks to avoid in regards to acne & what products you should avoid also.

    if you keep a food diary and note down when / how you wash your face(what products you use), you might  be able to identify something your doing wrong.
  6. firstly im not a doctor but using mercury and a strong steroid cream sounds bad.

    where did you buy these creams?

    are you still using them?

  7. 14 hours ago, yuh said:
    I only have milk when I eat cereal, which is about every other day.
    might not be the same for you but for me, even the smallest amount of milk causes spots/cysts.

    watch this 
  8. i saw this news article online today. it talks about a women who often gets sun burnt and the way in which she gets rid of the redness is to uses  menthol shaving cream, applied to the area for 30 mins then washing it off. - apparently she got the tip from her mother in law, who learnt the method from a doctor 40years ago. it seems others are seeing success with the advice(?)

    ... now my question is, do you guys think it could work on the redness of a spots/lump? ive shaved with saving cream but never left it on my face for 30mins. (would be amazing if it works)

  9. imo the caveman regimen is good way to test if your breaking out or getting redness due to a sensitivity to your current use of soaps/creams/ medicine or due over washing. after 1-2 weeks, if your skin calms down, you can reintroduce treatments to see if they cause you problems.

    for me, it highlighted the fact i was sensitive to soap and use to over wash my face  -ive gone from washing my face  from 5+ times a day to just once with water and have seen a great improvement.

  10. they are not bad but i have some small spider veins on the opening of my nose and on the left and right side, near the creases.

    i noticed the ones on the left and right side of the creases of my nose several months ago. bad i know but i have for many years squeezed that area to get rid of blocked pores and often lots of white sebum would come out. ( i use to have lots of spots and infections in those areas) - other than picking i guess it could of be due to a cream i once used?

    other than a medical laser what can i do at home to treat/heal them?
    anyone else have experience with spider veins on your face?


  11. milk in food.

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    1 hour ago, TheBean said:

    Agreed....I watched a video by Brian Turner about doing an "elimination diet"...nothing too crazy, just pick a suspect ingredient and eliminate it from your diet 100%, not even as an ingredient and wait a week...if you see improvement, continue. 
    Although I was resistant to the idea that my diet was contributing, after a particularly bad week in which I was eating an unusually high amount of cheese, I finally decided to take the plunge and commit to finding out if that was contributing.
    Within two months I had narrowed down my three of my biggest offenders...Milk, soy, and peanuts. It was only after about a month or two of getting them cleared out of my system that I could clearly see the correlation...if any of these cross my lips, guaranteed zit within 24 to 36 hours later. I can set a watch to it. It's crazy. 

    thanks, i'll definitely check that out. 

    i know were all different but does sugar have any effect on your skin?
  12. milk in food.

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    2 hours ago, Kelvin Nathanael said:

    I strongly agree! yes! the relationship of milk and acne is very significant, I consumed milk when I was 16 years old and it messed up my hormones so that my face a lot of acne, not until there I also drink milk fitness (whey protein) and it causes me until now (already for 6 months) get cystic acne. I believe all the foods that contain milk as you say can trigger acne, and I commit myself not to consume milk for several years.

    i had myself stopped drinking milk for over a year (2015-2017ish) but wasn't very strict. during that time i would occasionally have cups of tea with milk and food which had  milk as an ingredient.. probably why i never saw 100% good results. - just like you, the only reason i reintroduced milk into my diet to try to help with my fitness.

    but as im currently avoiding milk, my cyst problem have disappeared (diffidently avoid milk if you are prone to cysts).

  13. Quote

    I have a solid routine of cleaning twice a day (cetaphil) and moisturizing (cetaphil) and toner (rosewater) and then sunscreen ( neutrogena ). I STOPPED all of this to go on vacation in Mammoth, CA, and had NO ACNE for 4 days! I had little to water, did not clean my face with anything more than cold water, 

    well there is a few things ive read about, which might help..

    firstly ditching all soaps/creams and using only water is very similar to the caveman regimen, which a lot of people find helpful. unfortunately alot of soaps/creams are bad for people with acne.

    you could be suffering from diet problems and your trip helped you avoid something which causes you problems? -for eg if your sensitive to milk avoiding it may of helped. milk causes hormone problems and apparently stays in the body for 2-4days.

    lack of time in front of the mirror may have helped as you couldn't pick or fuss over your skin(?)

    bad tap water(?) there is some talk but not much proof that some "hard"  tap water is to blame for skin problems(?) - so avoiding it for a few days helped clear you up?

    ..or you could lining yourself up for a bad reaction. in my experience what you eat /drink today will "show up" in 2days time.
  14. does anyone else get periods of extremely clear skin?

    last week for about 7days, my skin was so clear you wouldn't have been able to tell i had ever suffered from acne.

    i know people will say its in my head and its hard to describe but within that time i noticed that people around town/in shops etc were not giving me negative looks and made me feel alot less self-conscious.  

    unfortunately due to probable diet/using the wrong products (soap), today, my skin has reverted back to "normal" (oily&red)|::|   ..of course i will work out what went wrong and try to fix it.|::think:

  15. milk in food.

    Forums Diet & holistic health 19 replies

    (adult, sensitive skin. prone to redness, small spots and sometimes cysts)

    ive come to the realization that milk is 100% bad for my skin - as i saw great results for nearly a week after cutting it out of my diet. -my skin was extremely clear for that week but today some redness has reappeared, probably due to bad diet.

    just a quick question. if im sensitive to milk, would that extend to food which contains milk - ie things like donuts? - view or experiences welcome.

    (i have found out that milk stays in the system for 2-4days - so might point to why my skin is often up and down |::|)


  16. other than diet, if your skin is sensitive you might want to consider that maybe your skin is reacting badly to the soaps/creams your using?. - a lot of soaps/creams can strip the skin, block pores, cause redness, spots etc

    if your going to see a dermatologist, ask them.

    i have sensitive skin and i know for a fact if i use any of the things you listed, i will break out and have horrible redness. - it took me a while but after i got out of the mindset that over washing and using different creams was the only way to treat my skin, i started to cure my problem. - research the caveman regimen.

  17. 18 hours ago, Nelson232 said:

    I’m 21 years old and I have breakouts on the lower half of my face. It is mostly my chin but seems to be spreading to my cheeks now. I have went to the doctor and got prescribed Minocycline and she said to use Panoxyl. I feel like the Panoxyl is really irritating my skin and I’m not sure if I shouldn’t continue to use it. I use it once at night with my Foreo and in the morning I use Tatcha Deep Cleanse. Then at night I use Clinique Acne Solutions toner, Differin, and a moisturizer. I need some guidance on how to stop the breakouts. They’re little pimples with the occasional big one. I also have hyperpigmentation. I do not eat dairy, red meat, and I try to drink enough water. 

    would you say you have sensative skin?

    also do you drink milk?

  18. imo i think its more to do with an imbalance / depletion of vitamin levels in the body, which dose not cause acne but exacerbates it.  ..for example fizzy drinks like coke are said to deplete zinc in the body among other vitamins.

    - of course taking vitamins can also boost the immune and worth trying if you feel your diet is poor but i wouldn't say they are a 100% cure for acne. 

  19. type of acne?

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    1 hour ago, goldzilla said:

    i checked and thoroughly read about rosacea, it seems rather complicated as research is not enough on the condition but i doubt mine is related to this. i have no redness or flushing, only the pimple itself is pinkish - which is not severe like rosacea cases.

    thank you for your response though :)
    thank you for your response! i'm also almost sure that it has to be something i eat or drink. i quit milk 2 years ago and it definitely improved my skin. plus, i have hypoglycemia so a lot of foods play with my hormone levels. 

    i'll check these two conditions you mentioned and also check "diet and acne" as you suggested. thanks again. :) 

    im also in the same camp regarding diet. if i drink milk or have too much junk food my skin gets red and i break out in cysts.
  20. Mean pimples

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    On 6/18/2018 at 6:55 AM, choichoi1 said:

    Hi, please help. I am confused with my pimples. I have mild to moderate pimple and their favorite spot is on my forehead and cheeks, seldom on my chin and nose, never on my jawline. My pimples are mean because they left red spots on my face tho i never pick them nor anything else. I am taking care of my skin I washed my face 2x a day with mild acne cleanser and use AVC 1:2 with water as a toner so i am pretty sure that my regimen is not theain reason why they left red spots on me. So going back, is my pimple caused by a dirty blood? I have irregular periods, its my 6th month of absent mensturation.

    dirty blood? mmm, not that ive read.

    ive read about vitamin deficiencies, hormone problems, diet problems, demodex mites and the use wrong type of skin care products (soaps/creams).. all somehow causing acne.. but everyone is different, so you need to find the correct treatment for you. - use google to research.

    the left over red spots on your face after your spots are gone are called post acne marks (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) there is ways to treat them but they normally fade over time.
  21. probably best to ask your doctor regarding any medicine questions.

    can i ask, what is your skin care regimen(?), how many times a day do you wash your face? also whats your diet like, do you drink milk and fizzy drinks, like coke?

    On 6/18/2018 at 1:55 AM, yuh said:

    I have had hormonal acne since the sixth grade, which is about 3-4 years ago. This is a picture of my current acne. I've taken minocycle 100 mg capsules, tretinoin 0.1% gel, and dapsone 5% gel daily for the past week. Mostly it is red bumps on my right cheek that are raised and painful. Is this a case of moderate or severe acne? Also can I take Advil to relieve the pain without having to worry about my minocycline caps?


  22. type of acne?

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    18 hours ago, goldzilla said:

    hi everyone,

    just signed up here because i am really at a loss. i have a long history of acne with some clear years and some messy. 

    for the last 2 years, it's been actually fine up until recently. the issue is that I have been to many dermatologists and they simply come up with temporary solutions while I clearly understand that the solution should be based on internal and radical factors.

    so, i was wondering if anyone has a similar type of acne. it is pinkish with no head, does not look very big on the outside but feels larger and painful in the inside. not like a cyst though, nowhere near that size. at the same time, it is not exactly circular. mostly occurs on the cheeks - near the nose. clear fluid comes out if popped up. so that's definitely a bad idea.

    could it be something allergic? 

    im not a doctor but without photos it would be hard to identify but could be hormonal acne  which could be exacerbated by something in your diet (raised hormone levels - more sebum = acne) or something mimicking acne but not.. like Malassezia folliculitis, Perioral Dermatitis ect

    google: "milk and acne", "diet and acne" and "skin conditions which look like acne but are not"
  23. On 6/15/2018 at 12:39 AM, justanotherone123 said:

    Ok, so I have barely ever had actual pimples, but I've had these red dots on my skin, they don't hurt, I've had this kind of thing since I was 11. I've tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work.

    red dots?

    like post acne marks or small bumps (pityrosporum folliculitis)?
  24. thanks. after 4/5days i looks like its starting to heal now.

    i think it got a bit infected.

  25. im not a doctor but a quick google search says there can be a vitamin deficiency after childbirth? - there is lots of research to say some people with acne have vitamin deficiencies also.

    do a bit of research on vitamins and acne. some members say taking them, really help.

  26. More Than a Month
  27. 18 hours ago, Peter cole said:

    I am 61 I had cystic acne had.I had to wait for Accutane.went on it may 1983 till Sept 83. Well it worked for a long time.but it came back in 2002 2003 not as bad. But bad enough to make me hate. Anyone who never had it and I mean that.I took more insults when I was young. I lost. Many good young years.my mum and dad never had it.f them.my two brothers none.but I won the gentic prize.I still spit on there grave.and my older siblings grave.sorry that's how I feel. And I still have some nice acne scars.well at least I produced acne --anyway I got no time for bible crap.why should I.the Lord has his favorite pretty boys and I was not one of them.and to all those who never had acne.I hate you all.

    when i first stated getting acne in the late 90s, there was limited information i could get (old wives tales and "help" from my doctor was about it) ive missed out on a lot. i imagine it was the same or worse for you? - these days with the internet and google, we have little excuse to not to do research and help ourselves. - never give up, research and keep trying till you find something that works. (in some rare cases, people suffer from things which are not even "acne" and need a different treatment.)

    i myself have greatly improved my skin with the help of members on the acne.org forum & using google.

  28. Advice needed

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    in my experience, some topical creams from the doctor can be hit or miss. - it looks like you have some post acne marks, yes in my experience, they will fade over time but they need to be treated differently compared to active spots. i would avoid using BP cream on post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

    i would recommend doing a google search and read up on:

    - "antibiotics and probiotics"
    - "milk and acne"
    - "hormonal acne"
    - "sugar and acne"
    -  "treating post acne marks"

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