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  2. oily skin might be an indication that the product/soap your using is not the right thing for you. ive always found if i use a bad soap, it will trigger an overproduction of sebum & that = spots.

    do a google search on:

    milk and acne
    diet and acne
    SLS and acne


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  4. 9 hours ago, Lookforhope said:

    Hello everyone, 

    I think I have tried everything against acne and nothing seems to work yet. I just noticed I have more acne when I am stressed, having anxiety 

    I would like to know if someone ever managed to control his acne and prevent scarring with hypnosis, meditation, positive affirmations..
    If you don’t look in the mirror for one week do you have less acne ? when you think your face is fine, does it heal acne ? 
    I am wondering if it could works 

    thank you 

     I guess it's a downward spiral, You have a breakout, you try and treat that breakout  by picking and/or over-washing using harsh soaps and creams, things get worse and worse.. when the best thing would be to do is break the cycle and let your skin heal. (  personally I think less is more when treating acne)

    - i've read meditation/mindfulness  can help with stress and remove negative thoughts. most books on depression/ anxiety have good advice on  positive  thinking.

    - im not sure but hypnosis may be good if you want to change your diet to inprove your acne? (ie kick a sugar habbit) or stop a  compulsive skin picking problem? - from what i understand, hypnosis when done correctly, it does work.

    regarding avoiding mirrors/picking etc, there is something ive tried and others highly recommend, which is the caveman regimen. - it basically involves not washing, picking or using any creams on your skin. the caveman regimen is a good way to see if your  causing or exacerbating your acne problem - In my experience it works but it takes  strong discipline.  do a acne.org forum search.

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  6. you wouldnt be human if you didnt feel unhappy about your skin.

    ive read people can become depressed about even the smallest non acne mark on their face.. hell, there is even a video clip online of some AAA super model women who get an make-under, with added fake acne spot and they pretty much burst out crying as soon as they see the mirror. lol

    what im saying is, 99% of people with no skin problems, dont understand the struggle we have to go through daily. your not alone.

    keep strong.

    i feel strongly that information on google, youtube and this forum is key to fighting acne.

  7. At a loss and need some help

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    its hard to see what the spots are like in your photos.

    how would you describe them?  

    i only ask because it might be something other than acne(?)

  8. if that soap does not work for you, try johnsons baby soap. i find it works well for me.

  9. Differin concern

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    ive read lots of times that after finishing or stopping a medicine a big breakout occurs. 

    i would stick to what your doctor has said for now but imo, some of these medicines mask the problem of acne and iam not a fan of either doxycycline or differin cream - ive used both and they didnt do much for me.

    i would recommend doing some research into diet & acne.. although doctors say (and have told me to my face) that diet has nothing to do with acne, the evidence is strong that it does.



  10. Doxycycline destroyed my gut

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    im not an expert but i have read online that antibiotics strip the gut of good bactieria, which could intern causes other problems.

    i, like many people here have used antibiotics in the past including doxycycline.. i found it didnt do much for me. i also have had mild depression many years ago but i dont think that was due to doxycycline - lack of socializing, bad diet, no exercise, being in doors all day  etc will greatly worsen your mood.

    do some research on:
    antibiotics & gut bacteria
    depression / low mood.


  11. for years i use to have constant infections on my nose creases (spots,redness etc) and chin.

    i feel its a combination of things.  

    first you might want to eliminate any products from your diet which can cause hormonal acne (do a google search). then stop using any products on your face which can cause irritation,  block your pours or cause excess sebum production (bad soaps/creams)  - most people find minimal face washing is beneficial to stopping the over production of sebum.. also do a search for the caveman regimen.

    if you tweak your diet and use the correct products on your face, your quickly find this problem will disappear. 


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  13. im  in my 30s and also have a problem with the occasional cyst lumps but i have greatly improved my skin.. im almost acne/redness free. (i have sensitive, acne prone skin)

    for me, ive found these lumps are linked to drinking too much milk & using the wrong soaps/products on my face.

    -might not work for you but personally, i try and keep it very simple. mild soap (johnsons baby soap), used once a day.. and small amount of sudocrem or germolene anti-septic cream when needed.

  14. is it possible to add another product to the acne.org "Product & Treatment Reviews" section?

    i have found a soap that works really well for me and i would be interested to see if it helps other people.


  15. On 11/8/2018 at 12:38 AM, War0118 said:

    So a few months ago I had the worst breakout I've ever had in my life. I'm not sure if it was random or due to some treatments that I was trying at the time. I stopped doing everything. I went straight caveman regimen to try and help and it seemed like it helped a little. The only things I do now is use tamanu oil for HIP and I've been taking some vitamins and I even went and bought a filtered showerhead for my shower to help filter the water I use on my face. It just seems like nothing I'm doing is working. I'm seriously at a loss. I cant take this anymore. I'm a 24 year old Male and I shouldn't have to deal with acne as long as I have. I believe its hereditary from my mom but there has got to be something I can do  I keep trying to just have faith that it'll get better and be patient but my confidence is at a zero and I honestly just dont know how much longer I can deal with this. Below are pictures from about 3 months ago to now. I dont know if I should just keep doing what I'm doing or try something else. 


    First set is now and second is before 

    (not a doctor but as someone who suffers from acne prone skin...)

    imo the caveman regimen is excellent to test whether or not, a product (soap/cream etc), excessive face washing or face touching/picking is causing your problem.

    i say, keep it  simple for a few weeks.

    2 things i would recommend would only use a very mild, sensitive soap and wash your face once a day.
    and do some research on acne and diet. it might be you only need to remove 1 or 2 things from your diet to greatly improve your skin. (ie milk / fizzy drinks etc).

    using the wrong products on your face can block pores & cause excess sebum, resulting spots and redness.
    i find johnsons baby soap is excellent for me - but as a rule, a soap should never cause you excess facial redness (a lot of bad soaps have sls)

    also do some research on post acne marks as they are easily mistaken for spots.
  16. Dismissive doctor

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    i gave up on my doctor years ago. they were not interested in helping me.

    do some research about "milk and acne" "cystic acne" and "diet and acne"

    simply avoiding/limiting milk greatly improved my skin. also avoid any products which can block your pores.


  17. Help Needed!

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    have you done some research on hormonal acne? it might be that you need to avoid certain things in your diet.

    for me (adult hormonal acne), i find using johnsons baby soap & using a very small amount of sudocrem helps my skin. - i think the goal for anyone with acne should be to keep it very basic and avoid harsh creams like BP (which cause more problem then they are worth).

  18. Have you ever noticed

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    "Why and how the hell hasn't the multi-billion dollar acne industry found a cure yet?"

    lol, i think you answered your own question. they dont want to cure it. these companies make millions if not billions off the misery from people with acne. a cure would put a stop to all that.

    the best "cure" is to educate yourself on acne and keep trying products till you find something which works for you. - imo everybody's struggle is unique and should be treated as such. (what works for one, might not work for you)

  19. just thought i would share, as it might help someone.

    ive been seeing good results with johnson's baby soap. (i have adult acne/bad, sensitive & acne prone skin)

    it does not cause any redness and unlike other soaps + it does not cause excess sebum production.

    another plus is that it cheap.


  20. long story short, i started using canesten anti-fungal cream with sudocrem and it seems to kill of most of redness and acne on my face. (i mainly  suffer from adult acne & redness)

    not  recommending it to anyone but has anyone tried it before?

    i tried using antifungal cream a while back after reading this blog - it worked upto a point but adding sudocrem makes it work a tone better.

  21. More Than a Month

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    you just need to be patient. the more you fuss over it, the longer it will take to heal.

    in my experience it can take 3days up to 1 week for spot damage/scab to heal.

  23. your thread reads like an advert for " Stacea products" and then you ask people to contact you.

    if your not trying to sell products, thats good and  i apologize. 

    there is too many fake accounts trying to rip off acne.org members.

  24. Bumps in my nose

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    your need to do some research to find out what you have. 

    but benzoyl peroxide and differin gel will not cure folliculitis.  

    do a google/youtube search

  25. Caveman Regimen

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    depends what your skins like and what your acne problem is.

    were all different but when i do the caveman regiment, after 4 days my skin clears up and stops overproducing sebum.

    its a bit of a catch22 because after a short while, i need to wash my face because it looks dirty.. but having said that i think the caveman regiment is well worth trying.

     in my experience, washing with just water didnt effect the   positive  progress of the caveman regiment.

  26. alot of people online recommend  nizoral shampoo, do a google search (i think it needs to be left on your face for 15mins but  in my experience, causes redness)

  27. Bumps in my nose

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    9 hours ago, Lelo123 said:

    Hello, I’m new here and I just wanted to get some advice I been having this bumps in my nose for 2 years now and I don’t know what to do, I went to hospital and they say that it wasn’t acne scars and they gave me benzoyl peroxide, it hasn’t work, this bumps have ruined my life C7CC929A-388C-4957-B5DE-28CBBC5442DC.thumb.jpeg.7dc7077b9635c977f7f22f6e5a3e0e31.jpeg

    im not a doctor but if you have had these bumps for upto 2 years, its probably not standard acne but something like folliculitis?

    do a google search on folliculitis and how to treat it

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