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  1. make sure not to pick your skin. benzoyl peroxide is good a killing spots but you need to know when to use it and when to stop. (once the spot dies, stop using BP cream, otherwise it will make the red marks stay longer) - make sure to opt for a weaker benzoyl peroxide cream like 2.5 or 5%. vitamin c is something i take. its meant to promote skin healing.
  2. i would say stick with what your dermatologist has given you but do some researching. there is many different types of acne and most wont go unless you use the correct treatment. (for eg -is your acne hormonal?,diet related?,fungal?, yeast? list goes on)
  3. Acne on my temple

    could be a number of things, diet, hormones, soaps, creams, dirty pillow? but you could try switching to head and shoulders
  4. Small Bumps on Forehead

    thanks for letting me know, ive used it a few times and every time, its turned my skin horribly, bright red for a few days . - clearly not a product for me lol
  5. down :(

    im in my 30s now but i cant help thinking how lucky these young people with acne are now.. when i was growing up ( an i assume its the same for you) the only places i had information about acne was from either my GP(who had no time for me), acne myths or stupid treatments told to me by family members. - i was washing my face x5 times a day with soap containing SLS, using harsh acne creams etc and going out of the house with a bright red, really bad acne covered skin.. and this went on for years. .. what im trying to say is, with the internet and all the information we have online you cant give up.. there is lots of things you can try to sort out your skin. you just need to do your research and find the correct type of treatment for your skin type.
  6. Warm or cold water for acne prone skin

    ive read about people who highly recommending washing your face with cold water but not much debate about drinking warm or cold water(?) unless you have a hard water problem, i would assume drinking any type of water is fine + good for you?
  7. Moisturizer???

    i would listen to your dermatologist. if you were still having problems after a few weeks could you not ask your dermatologist to recommend you a moisturizer?
  8. just to follow up, if your problem was a yeast problem you could try head and shoulders as its a mild antifungal
  9. im no way an expert but ive read about people treating this type of problem with a mild anti-fungal wash like nizirol or even head & shoulder. there is also a recent thread here you might helpful -
  10. exfoliate sensitive skin?

    thanks for replying, i'll read up on jojoba beans scrub.
  11. im not an expert but could it be Yeast acne? do a search for yeast acne bumps. - standard acne treatments don't work for yeast problems. check this thread out-
  12. Please help with ance

    i forgot to add, you might want to research aspirin masks. i often use dispersible aspirin topically, overnight for redness and imo it works well.
  13. Please help with ance

    im not a skin expert but some of that redness looks like post acne marks. from what i understand, unfortunately sun exposure and benzoyl peroxide can actually prolong post acne marks (i guess other treatments can also prolong post acne marks as well ) - also worth noting there is tones of chemicals which are not kind to acne sensitive skin, like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is in most soaps. i dont know too much about it but ive read about people having some good results with exfoliating there skin to get rid of post acne marks.
  14. Small Bumps on Forehead

    can i ask you a question.. did nizoral make your skin red and irritated?
  15. i understand exfoliating is an important thing we should do to heal skin, remove red marks etc.. ive experimented in past with different products but not seen good results (redness/breakouts etc) i will be doing some googling but i thought i would ask, does anyone know any good way to exfoliate sensitive skin? thanks
  16. sorry i'm not an expert on skin but looks like blocked pores? you might want to read up on how to correctly exfoliate your skin(?)
  17. :)

    you need to do a acne forums search for hormonal teenage acne, there is loads of good advice on other threads. if your skin is really bad you should to a doctor but some basic stuff worth knowing - most soaps and acne products contain sodium lauryl sulfate (sls for short), which is an skin irritant. check out your diet -fizzy drinks, sweets and milk can be bad for some people. washing your face more than twice a day, can result in bad skin. benzoyl peroxide can kill spots but will often cause nasty redness. (always opt for weaker 2.5% or 5% BP cream) vitamins work for some people. - also, what works for one person, wont necessarily work for you.
  18. accutane [male genitalia] growth

    do a forum search for old posts.
  19. Years of clogged pores or?

    i dont have the same problem but will say from what ive read, people say you cant cure fungal/yeast acne with standard acne treatments. the forums can be a bit quiet so i would recommend using the forum search button and read old posts regarding fungal/yeast acne, you will find some good advice.
  20. What should I do?

    i cant tell you what type of acne you have (diet, hormonal,fungul etc) but that redness is probably because of using harsh acne products and or soaps, including those which contain SLS. do some research but i recommend the caveman regimen -
  21. Years of clogged pores or?
  22. Please help

    10% BP is quite strong. most people recommend using 2.5% or 5% regardless, IMO using it 2-3 times a day will defiantly cause irritation. there is some debate that BP works just as well when you wash it off after 10mins, which apparently reduces the irritation. you need to do some research, to help yourself. read up on SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), caveman regimen, benzoyl peroxide, hormonal acne, what slight changes you need to make to your diet, also search for "cures"... anyway you might find a lot of these products your currently using are not good for your skin type. use the search button - just remember what works for one person might not work for you.
  23. Acne problem

    its up to you but i would recommend assessing your skin to get a good idea of your problem. just take a week off all your treatments/creams and during this time only wash your face twice a day with only cool water (no soap). if your skin calms down within 3 days, you can guarantee one or more of those acne creams/treatments are bad for your skin type.
  24. Ance problems

    sounds like you have some post acne marks. these need to heal/fade. be aware benzoyl peroxide can make acne marks last longer. also 10% benzoyl peroxide is quite strong. you might want to try 2.5% or 5% you might want to check out the caveman regimen.
  25. Acne problem

    if your using vitamins (which is good), drinking more water & reducing sugar in your diet, i would assume your diet is ok(?) how many times a day do you wash your face? also what products do you use? worth noting there is many different types of acne (hormonal,diet, yeast, fungal, sensitivity to products including SLS, etc) and each has its own treatment. (for eg, here is someone who had a yeast problem )