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on 28/03/2014
I am a male and I've had severe acne on my face for about 4 years (age 15-19). I've kept it under control by using Benzaclin for 3 of those years but I noticed it was extremely harsh on my face and damaged it various ways. There is a noticeable difference in color and texture of my face where I've used harsh topicals such as benzoyl peroxide over the years. I have a million redmarks. I stopped Benzaclin and broke out severely and used Dan's regime instead which is mildy effective but you have to use Benzoyl Peroxide which is horrible.<br/>This is the only review I've ever written because this is the best topical I've used. It is gentle, an emollient which moisturizes (you don't need moisturizer), and has provided me with significant improvement while I wait to start Accutane (liver tests need to normalize first). It has brought my severe acne down to about moderate I'd say (some would still say severe). 6 weeks a go when I started I was very depressed about the current state of my acne but now It's definitely more manageable. If you have mild or moderate acne I would HIGHLY recommend you stop damaging your face with benzoyl peroxide (sun sensitivity, oxygenation, free radicals) and get the most gentle, effective topical I've used. If I used this for 6 months I'm sure I would be clear as day but If you stop it does come back.