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  1. Hallo Dubya, I checked it myself. The method is not nice but everyone can test it by googling how to do it. I have to say, second time I tried, I achieved, so I guess there is no spinal cord problem for me. No doctor is involved. I still suspect nerve damage though.
  2. Hi, for those who developed ED and who lost brain-penis connection, can you please test "Bulbocavernosus Reflex" please. I tested and is negative
  3. Please dont doubt it. If I solve my libido and ED, I will consider myselfy cured. I improved very much over time. I did'nt do anything special but believe me I was in a very very bad situation. I was sick and tired, tremor, tinnitus, weakness, suicidal state, vision problems, hair loss, hair thinning, panic attacks, brain fog, pain and everything. Somebody here said in the first year that things will be worse over time and I remember how bad I felt. But things went on different for me. Am I cured except libido and ED? No. But life is bearable for me and as I said if I cure my sexual complains, I wil say that it is over and what doesnt kill you makes you stronger..