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    Im so rubbish at writing these now because nothing much seems to change with my skin - I have a lot to write this time though! So, since my last post i mentioned that my periods have been really painful since starting Roaccutane, having said this, my past 2 periods have been fine and *touch wood* relatively pain free.. My skin is very much up and down, some weeks it looks beautiful and completely clear, other times I have minor breakouts of tiny red spots. They don't last long though. I saw my dermatologist a few weeks ago, he gave me another 2 months because I had complained to him that I was still suffering minor breakouts. Subsequently, when I had my appointment my skin was looking the best it had in a while. That night I had a breakout of 3/4 pimples, I can't remember where about on my face but 2 days prior to that appointment I had started a ketogenic diet. For those that aren't familiar with the keto diet, its basically low carb, high fat and moderate protein - similar to the atkins diet. I think I was suffering a breakout from my drastic diet change. The 4 weeks since starting the veto diet have made SUCH an improvement on my skin, clearer, my dark circles round my eyes were lighter and the energy I had was incredible. I would jump out of bed in the morning at 6am without even thinking of touching the snooze button. Over the weekend that we've just had It was my husband and my 1 year wedding anniversary, we went to Sushi Samba in London which was incredible. I had toyed with the idea of sticking with the ketogenic diet or to sack it off for the weekend, I decided on the latter. Massive mistake. I went crazy with the carbs from Saturday morning to Sunday lunch, literally binge ate everything beige. OMG it was good but totally not worth it, my stomach blew up like I was 8 months pregnant and my skin has gone blotchy and tiny pimples have come up round my eyes and mouth. Im not sure if this is my perioral dermatitis making a come back or my carb load from the weekend. I was back to ketoing on Monday so hopefully I'll see some improvements in my skin this week and feel less lethargic/crappy. Although I felt ill after my carb loading weekend, Im almost glad I did it. It's made me realise how much of a difference cutting out carbs has on my body; I really can't handle them and feel 1000x better not having any, not to mention my skin looks far better on a keto diet. I want to keep this blog acne/accutane related but I think it's really important to find a diet that works for your acne too. I was always very against the idea that junk food/food in general has any affect on your skin but I'm not so sure now..! The whole reason I started the veto diet was so I could shift a couple of pounds for my impending holiday, which brings me back to accutane. I saw on instagram this morning that a girl I follow went from 60mg p/d to 20mg p/d for her holiday in an attempt to reduce any burning to the skin. I know that accutane stays in your system for 1 month after taking it so I don't know if that would really work but I'm debating doing it for my holidays in August just as extra precautions. I'm not overly bothered about tanning this year although it would be nice to get some colour as opposed to being 'pale and interesting' like my dad always says..!