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Didn't clear up the first time, and makes me sick the second time around.
on 14/03/2014
I first took this when I was 15, and it didn't eliminate my acne completely. I took it for about two months before my pediatrician convinced me to go off it because acne never really goes away. Ten years later, another dermatologists prescribes it to me at a lower dose. I've been on it for almost 3 weeks, and I think I'm quitting. The first few days, I had terrible stomach pain. My guts hurt. It got better once I started drinking more water, but now I'm getting headaches. As a person already prone to migraines, I don't appreciate when more things contribute to them. Reading all of these reviews, and with my own experience at 15, I know my zits will come back after I stop taking the medicine. And I refuse to take pills for longer than a few months.