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Traded one condition for another
on 17/03/2014
Yikes. This medication improved my acne a little bit but the flakiness was unbearable. The skin on my chin was literally coming off in sheets! It's like trading acne for snake skin.
Wasn't worth the side effects and acne came back
on 17/03/2014
My first round of accutane went well. Just the usual dryness, scabby nose, annoying monthly visits to the doctor. My skin was clearer than it had ever been...for a few months. Then, I had to go on another round of accutane and within a month or two, I had a very unusual anxiety attack (I have never experienced this before in my life). Again, my acne went away for awhile and surprise surprise, it came back. I didn't dare go on yet another round for fear of what would happen next time.