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on 12/03/2014
I have been using Tretinoin 0.025% for 3 months now. My acne has cleared a lot. In the beginning I experienced the initial breakout so I started taking antibiotics (Bactrim), which helped a lot. I am going to keep taking the antibiotics for a couple more months until I work up to Tretinoin 0.05% and then gradually ween off of them (I hope this keeps the acne from coming back instead of quitting cold turkey!). Has anyone been on both tretinoin and an oral antiobiotic at the same. If so, how did you get off the antibiotic and rely solely on the tretinoin. I'm thinking a BP wash in the morning would help once I am off the antibiotic. Anyways, tretinoin is good but you really have to be patient... so if you're looking for a short term solution (like you need clear skin for an event coming up), I don't recommend it as it will cause you to break out pretty bad initially (and I still have red marks left over from this break out).