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  2. I was given this recommendation by someone  base on the images I provided . Sculptra is for the collagen production and fat loss.

    I also had PRF with the first procedure. Dr Rullan did mentioned I needed fillers later on so both had reach similiar conclusion. 

    I was given a quote to do Microneedling, Subcision, phenol cross and sculptra. I'm not sure to do it all the same time due to the swelling or space the sculptra apart. 

  3. @49ersFan I think 20% is realistic now. It does looks 30% on my cheeks when I just wake up.
    I'm planning to do subcision, phenol cross and sculptra for stimulating collagen x 2. Finish off with resurfacing peel. 
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    Just wanted to update this thread. I was able to qualify for HSA reimbursement with a letter of medical necessity from the dermatologist. I'm planning put aside some HSA money to do 3 more procedures (Subcision, Phenol cross, Needling, PRF) and maybe erbium laser for texture next year. 

  6. Some hope for everyone

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    8 hours ago, Candy Says said:

    Oh my godness. Since this patient allowed to show his case through Lim's instagram, I believe we can discuss him here.  "there is a hope" - Lim.

    This is just so heart breaking to see. The other instagram video show another angle of his scars. Even the needle couldn't penetrate his scars. I can't imagine how difficult it's for him to endure all these years.
  7. @superburrito who is this Dr in LA?

    My treatment with phenol cross, Microneedling, Subcision, prf injection came out to be 1200 with Dr Rullan. 
  8. 12 hours ago, superburrito said:

    Congrats on seeing some success in your journey! I am seeing Dr Rullan myself in November!

    Thanks. Best of luck. I'll be done with my second procedure by then. I can definitely give you a better evaluation afterward.
  9. After 5 day post-op, I can go outside without wearing mask or dermablend. Today is a week from the procedure and my skin seems completely heal. I have alot of improvement maybe 30% better.

  10. 9 hours ago, cautiouslyhopeful said:

    I've only had 1 so far. Rullan suggested that I get 3 as well. Next one is scheduled for October. 

    I see improvements in my boxcars on my temple as well. Its only been a month. 
    Keep us updated too. My next one is in mid October as well.
  11. 11 minutes ago, scarredgirl92 said:
    4 hours ago, Maxzide said:

    How many subcision did you have? 

    I'm excited to be on this journey. 3 more Cross+Subcision+microneedling to go. After doing Dr Rahimi subcision, I gave up on subcision, but I'm glad I found Dr Rullan. 
    Hey Maxzide, I’m going to have the SAME procedure with the same doctor this coming Thursday as well. Do you think you’ll be able to go back to work tomorrow? My plan was to take Thursday and Friday off and return back on Monday 
    I came back to work after 2 days but I wore surgical mask since I work in a hospital. I'm 4 day post-op and still puffy, redness, scabs. I have vacation next week so I think it will heal nicely by then.

    If my swelling come down and I use dermablend, I don't think it would be a huge problem. 
  12. 1 hour ago, cautiouslyhopeful said:
    Congrats on finishing up first treatment! 

    I saw a 80-90% improvement in my rolling scars! 

    How many subcision did you have? 

    I'm excited to be on this journey. 3 more Cross+Subcision+microneedling to go. After doing Dr Rahimi subcision, I gave up on subcision, but I'm glad I found Dr Rullan. 
  13. @49ersFan No reason. I just go with whatever was recommended on the initial assessment. It's extra $200. Total everything is $1200. I will need to do x3 more and maybe fillers (silicon, bellafill, scuptra). It take about 1 hour. Subcision took the longest follow by needling. TCA & PRF injection is pretty quick.

    Compared to subcision done by Dr Rahimi in LA, Dr Rullan is more invasive and he did underneath the scars. I'm not sure what type "subcision" Dr Rahimi did. Waste of money.

    I'm on my third day and I'm still swollen. I have a double chin as a result too lol. I've heard Arnicare cream is helpful with the swelling so I'm applying it. 

    I will. I have severe acne scars and now I have money to treat it so hopefully my progress will give other hope. I'm still working up the courage to post pictures :-). Dr Rullan's office took detail images with harsh lighting so the scars are alot more visible.
  14. @49ersFan

    I had my procedure yesterday. 24 lidocaine 1% 3 ml needles were used to numbed my entire face.

    My face has extensive rolling scars and some ice picks which he said respond well to subcion. Phenol cross isn't painful at all to me.

    He started with the icepicks scars first with phenol cross then subcision. I had "subcision" from Dr Rahimi before and this is so different. I can feel he breaking the tethering underneath my scars. Some are very tough to break. I must have over 100 tether scars subcisions. After that, he told me my scars wore him out. It was painful during subcisions, but I took satisfaction of getting those suckers and endure all it. He did extensive subcision on my face including forehead and temple area. I'm glad he did those area too.

    I found microneedling more painful than subcision. I have thick skin so 1.5mm to 2.5mm were done. 2.5mm for thick area and 1.5mm for thin skin. PRF treatment was quick and relative painless compared to subcision and microneedling.

    I'm swollen, red, and look bloody over my entire face. I've been icing it. 

    I'm planning to put Vitamin C serum on my face, vit C 1gm tablet, biotin tablet, collagan tablet and multivitamin.

    My next procedure is in 2 months. Probably do the same thing - Phenol Cross, subcision, microneedling, PRF.
  15. @49ersFan My procedure is soon. I'll update this thread after each procedures. I'm planning 3-4 session with him - 2 this year and 2 next year about 2-3 months apart. I'm planning to do 18% TCA peel too. 
  16. @beautifulambitionI sent you a PM. I have some private questions. Thank you!
  17. @beautifulambitionhow soon after subcision can you wear dermablend?
  18. 9 hours ago, dazzed said:

    Three days is really being optimistic.  Depending on aggressiveness, you will be swollen and have purple / yellow bruising.   

    I'll plan it better for future visits. Work I can wear a mask. I have a wedding to attend 9 days from procedure. Hopefully it won't be a big issue by then
  19. On 8/6/2018 at 10:33 PM, makingtime said:

    I recently did the same procedure with the same doctor. Everyone reacts differently. I'm Asian if that matters.
    Super swollen right after the procedure and it didn't really go down until maybe the 3rd day. Highly recommend you take off more than 3 days for this. I felt that at day 5 I could go out, at minimum.

    You just won't know how you react until you do it, but once you figure it all out, planning future off times will be easier.

    Also, he's recently switched to Phenol Cross over TCA, which is what I did. I've never done TCA so I don't know how I'd react, but I'm happy with the Phenol, maybe 5–10% improvement without any enlargement of the scar.

    Thanks! I'm Asian too. Similiar skin tone.

    How many subcision have you done? Any other procedure done by him? 

    I'm planning to do 3. Already space out my second one 2 months apart with 5 days off. After that, I'll reassess. 

  20. On 3/24/2018 at 7:18 PM, EvidentNancy said:

    Does anyone know th timeframe for when rullan is supposed to retire?

    I talked to someone at the office. He isn't retiring for a couple more years. 
  21. Thanks. I'll look into 1gm Vitamin C three times a day?

    It seems suction cups is common now. It can be had for $13 on amazon. I don't want want put swelling/red skin to dirty vacuum.

    I just realized I can resume work without much worry. I just wear a surgical mask like some people here when they are sick at my hospital

  22. @cautiouslyhopeful

    Thanks! I just decided to do everything. 

    TCA CROSS first, subcision, then microneedling with PRP. 
  23. You are correct. Not infini. Just got clarification from the office.

    It's TCA Cross. 

    Is PRP recommended? Its an extra $200.

  24. @cautiouslyhopeful I'm hoping to look like a sunburn after concealing. 

    Also do you know if Dr Rullan do PRP with microneedling? Is it the Infini?

    His plan is  subcisions with TCA & microneedling for my sevevere acne scar.
    I hav rolling, boxcard, icepicks based on his assement.

    I'll do 3 rounds of it 3 months apart.

    I might need surface fillter like Sculptra based on his recommendation. I've set aside $5000 for my treatments. I'm not looking for perfection. Just 50% improvement.
  25. @beautifulambitioni have 3 days off works. Would there still too much redness and swelling to be noticeable after 3 days? Im thinking of using dermablend to conceal some redness 
  26. Thanks @beautifulambitionWould 3 days off be enough for all these procedures I'm doing? (needling, TCS, Subcision).

    I'm Asian. 

  27. I just schedule a procedure in a month with Dr Rullan. It would be the first of 3 procedure and possibly a filler after a 3rd one.

    I'm thinking of space out 3 months apart. I will buy Korean suction cup, Vitamin C serum to apply. Anything else? Vitamin A?

    History: I had severe acne. I had mechanical dermbrasion with the late Dr Y in New Orlean.


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