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Fingers Crossed... 2 Weeks
on 30/03/2014
This thing is so good !! Cleared up my back and the acne kind of stopped! I can sleep on my back now Yay!! The only thing I don't like is I can't stand to put this on my face, it stings Alooot!! Will update!
Surprising for a Water!
on 29/03/2014
So I got a couple of small cans that my mom got as a free sample, and it's simply amaxing good to comeback after a long day under the arabic sun and just spritz a little, it soothes the burns and has an effect that smoothes out skin (I guess chlorinated water is the reason you feel the difference) I even use it after shaving so it removes the redness.
My Perfect Wash!!
on 04/03/2014
This is so my favorite wash!! I love how it SLS free, it also cleans without over drying (thanks to avene thermal water) also doesn't break me out.