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on 27/02/2014
for my birthday 2yrs ago along with turning 30, as a gift my body decided to give me adult acne. I never had more then a single blemish at a time my entire life and all of a sudden I didn't recongnize my own reflection in the mirror. After using every prescription cream possible and spending thousands of dollars on every department store brand I tried the clear advantage system from Arbonne from a friend that was selling it. I had noticed that her skin seemed to glow and had to know what she was doing. While I was a bit skeptical I tried it thinking what did I have to lose, nothing else had worked. But to my amazement within the 1st week not only me but my friends and family, and my b/f noticed a difference. Every day it gets better and better. I loved it so much that I recently decided to join the company! I just had to show people this amazing product that was the 1st thing after a 2year search to work!!!