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Let me down
on 26/02/2014
I'v been using this system for a year and frankly it has done more harm than good. Last week i got put on topical antibiotics to deal with my face being basicaly infected. In short, this dryed my skin and spots out to a point i had scabs for weeks after a spot, that then sort of became spotty scabs and just filled with clear fluid. I never had this before.<br/>I really wanted this to work but it dident really stop any of my brake outs.<br/>I started getting spots in places i never did within a few months of using this but dident think much of it at the time, now months on my previously clear checks are covered in really dark scars with bad texture :(<br/>I have giving up using this, it dident reduce brake outs, made the spots that were coming up go scabby, made my skin sensitive all the time and is pretty expensive. I had flakes of skin fall off randomly throughout the day, which socialy is a slight hindranc . . .<br/>This hole experience was bad and I wouldnt recomend this to anybody.