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Used in junior high, didn't do much.
on 24/02/2014
It only worked for a short time before it made my skin break out
Bitter alumni.
on 24/02/2014
I had to take Accutane for over a year because my doctor decreased my dosage due to feeling depressed. It did clear up my face, body, etc.. but I only had clear skin for only 6-7 months until I started breaking out again. My hopes were crushed and I believed, and I still do, that nothing was going to help my severe acne. My acne isn't as bad as it was before I was put on it, but the long-term results were not pleasing at all. My face broke out, my back broke out, my neck, shoulders, everywhere! At least my acne was clear when I took my senior photo during high school!! I still have breakouts.. I regret wasting time and money on Accutane. It was NOT worth it at all.
on 24/02/2014
If you suffer from breakouts and if your acne is moderate to severe, I highly recommend this product It really helps my skin and it keeps my acne under control. I have less breakouts.. the only reason I breakout is because my period will start soon, but that's it. It's unfortunate that it's only available as an Rx. I don't have insurance anymore, so I can't afford it now. Will have to try sulfur products as a substitute.
Big disappointment!
on 24/02/2014
I only used this wash for a few weeks. It smells nice, but it did nothing for me. It just made me break out more and I did not help my acne and my breakouts. I don't recommend this product if you have moderately severe acne. If it's light, then go for it.