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Very effective
on 14/06/2017
Less seems to be more. At first I must have been applying on too much because this lotion was staying on my face for a long time, but when I started applying just a pea-size amount, my skin soaked it in no problem, and my face would feel very nice. I went through a lot of moisturizers that would combat dryness after applying BHA, but none have been effective as this product.
Not too bad
on 09/05/2015
As I said in my other review, I was never good with Cetaphil products. This cleanser is "okay", but doesn't prove better than the standard Gentle alternative.<br/>Contains fair bit of fragrance like the others, if you're sensitive to smell like me, then think twice.
Absolutely the best SPF moisturiser I have come by
on 03/12/2014
Product claims:<br/>Broad spectrum protection (UVA and UVB), pH balanced, Won't clog pores, No lanolin, parabens, dyes or fragrances.<br/>I'm surprised the DermaVeen products have not yet been reviewed, as they have a wide variety.<br/>This is the undoubtedly the best SPF moisturiser I've used. I have used many that were considered the best, from Cetaphil DermaControl, to Olay's Regenerist range. None of them suited my oily skin and caused problems, it was either residue, irritation after BP, or a ridiculously shiny face.<br/>I use just half a finger's width of Dermaveen's moisturiser but it does its job, it gives me no irritation, absorbs easily, and leaves a matte finish. And judging by the fading of my acne marks, I think it's safe to say that the SPF also does a good job of protection.<br/>This is made in Australia, so I don't know if it's widely available around the world, but I would definitely recommend this.
Certainly did not disappoint
on 08/05/2014
I had doubts about this product after using other foam washes which overdried my skin. But after reading good things about this product, I gave it a go.<br/>Excellent. Foams easily and doesnt slip off your hands before you get to apply on face. Most importantly, it did not give me the same tight dry feeling that other washes like Cetaphil gave me.<br/>Cheap drug store buy, comes in a pump bottle, I dont know what more one could ask for.
on 08/05/2014
Never had much luck with Cetaphil products, but tried this cleanser because my brother was good with it.<br/>I have had oily skin and this was my first cleanser choice for the regimen. Since I dont wear makeup, it's hard to tell if it does a good job of cleaning it off. But it certainly doesnt feel that way. Product does not foam, it almost feels like putting water on the face.<br/>Bizarrely enough though, my skin was left feeling very dry after towel patting. For comparison I had used another foaming face wash afterwards, and it didnt give me the tight dry feeling that Cetaphil did.<br/>I wouldnt recommend this product but perhaps the widely known gentle skin alternative does a better job.
Best acne treatment I have come by so far
on 17/04/2014
Even the lowest concentration of BP will not start off well. My first few days consisted of breakouts and peeling. This is the "purging" process, the skin pulls out underlying acne and is not yet used to the dryness.<br/>My second week showed dramatic improvements. Active acne was kept under control, and this gave the skin freedom to start healing post-acne marks.<br/>It is important to apply the treatment evenly and thinly across the face as The Regimen instructs. If one area has too thick a layer, you will get white residue left on your face.<br/>EDIT: I would also like to mention that Benzac does not need to be applied generously as the regimen suggests. Using anymore than a fingertip amount leaves a lot of residue on the skin, meaning a lot of the medication is wasted. Simply applying a pea size amount everytime has brought results for me.
Harsh for regimen use
on 17/04/2014
The 5% proved to be as effective as 2.5% in controlling acne, but the formula was harsh on the skin, it left my whole face red and tingly.<br/>It leads me to believe that this concentration is intended for thicker skin, but even then, I would recommend using this on specific areas of persistent acne rather than applying on whole face.