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It requires patience....BUT THIS WORKS!!!!
on 23/02/2014
I told myself that if this treatment worked I would write a review to all of those out there who read nothing but negative reviews on Retin-A. I'm 33 years old, fought with acne since I was in 6th grade... I'm now 7 weeks into my treatment and my skin has never been better (I credit this to patience and my routine which I will outline below)! I did have the initial purging and yes it is hard to go through. Many times I wanted to stop but told myself that if I wanted clear skin I needed to go through the bad to get to the great. The purging started at about week 2 and lasted til week 4 and it was in the form of large cystic bumps all over my forehead. They hurt, they were impossible to cover and worse of all they left red marks....BUT I continued through it. At week 5 I started seeing some improvement and week 6 my skin looked amazing (except the red marks that were left from the initial purging). The BEST resource out there on this treatment is found at a blog called One step closer to a Peaches and Cream Complexion. She does an amazing job at outlining how this treatment works and most importantly what products you can use with it. Retin-A itself is an unstable compound and is very picky what products you use and I firmly believe this is one reason why so many have had negative experiences with it! So please please please look at the above mentioned blog and the review and comments section (she answers readers questions VERY thoroughly) It will completely change you view of acne care! But here is my routine....<br/>Nightly- wash face with Normal to Oily CeraVe foaming face wash. let skin dry 20-30 minutes. Apply a small amount of Retin-A all over face. Let dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Once that is dry I put a thin layer of CeraVe moisturizing lotion on and that's it!<br/>Morning - wash with CeraVe again. I swipe one of those salicylic acid throw away pads all over my face (I use Neutrogena but I am sure any would work). I found these really help to keep the small pimples away that form during the day because of oil, clogged pores, makeup breakouts, ect. then use Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby Sun Screen over the entire face. Sunscreen is a must when using this product, my face is very sensitive to sunscreens but this particular type works amazing for me and also serves as a moisturizer! Finish with make up and I am good to go for the day! Acne can be heartbreaking at any age and leaves not only physical scars but an emotional one at too...this treatment worked for me and I sincerely hope that it works for you!!!