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Do not buy
on 30/05/2014
Did absolutely nothing for me! I dont even have that severe of acne and this didnt work on my pimples at all... I just feel like it dried the skin around it and caused it to flake.
on 17/02/2014
I dont have sever acne on my body. Just a handful once in a while on my chest and tiny bumps on my back and it didn't seem to do much although I can't tell since my body acne isn't frequent. What I appreciate is that it did not irritate my skin since I have keratosis piloris on my tighs and arms and sensitive skin in general. Hard to come by a wash for acne that doesn't irritate skin.
What's the hype?
on 17/02/2014
It does not remove my makeup. It makes me feel still dirty after washing my face with a generous amount. I don't get the fresh feeling, more like oily and does not treat acne.
Good but not for me
on 17/02/2014
It did not help my acne on my face much. It just made it dry and itchy however I would recommend other people to at least try it. It is a pretty good price for the amount you get. I use this for my chest and back and it helps a lot so I'm guessing it does not suit my skin type on my face.
on 17/02/2014
I was breaking out really bad before my prom and a friend of mine recommended it and let me use hers. THANK GOD I DID NOT PURCHASE IT MYSELF. I only used it ONCE and the next day my whole skin was burning to the point of crying and wanted to itch my face off. It was bright red (hard for someone who is naturally tan) and peeling. I had to go to an esthetician to calm it down. I have used other products before that irritated my skin and made it itchy, dry and red but never like this. It didnt even hep with the acne!