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Used for years
on 16/03/2015
Iv used this on and off for years. I prefer revlon over Mac pro longwear. I think a lot of the work is in the application and not the foundation itself.<br/>Great coverage. I don't think it's has broken me out. My only con is compared to etsee Lauder which I just switched to, this sinks into your pores come 6 hours of wear.
on 25/01/2015
I used this for the first time in November, after which I experienced the worst breakout of my life so I packed it in..... End of December I picked it up again and won't put it back down. I suffer from cystic hormonal acne. I currently have 2tiny pimples and some old scarring.<br/>Today I mixed this with green tea and vitamin C tablets and I'm feeling great!! I aim to use this twice a week with braggs acv but sometimes I only get enough time for one a week. Leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.<br/>I admit it's not the most convenient of masks, it's a little messy but I don't know about you but I'd choose a bit of mess over cysts anyday!!<br/>Just posted a blog entry on my page with my current skincare and vitamins if you want to check it out
on 20/05/2014
It's been 4 days since I've started using this. My skin was beyond dry and peeling on day 2/3 but that seems to be clearing slightly. I have notice my T Zone is a lot clearer no huge breakouts and great texture. I'm curious to see what's next ...
on 15/02/2014
I know a lot of reviews are saying wait it out but I'm on to week 3 and I've never had acne like this before. I refuse to leave the house!! ...and new deep, red, painful, cystic spots on my chin and jawline are being added by the second. Not to mention the nausea I experienced and cramp I had in my legs. Not worth it! I'm stopping today. I used another BC which made my skin flawless but I looked 6 months preg with the bloating and I'm seriously considering that again<br/>EDIT JAN 2015<br/>I continued on Yasmin for a further 3 months. It didn't get any better<br/>It completey cleared my TZone but my jawline and lower cheeks are still suffering especially around my time of the month.