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Didn't Really Work At All
on 19/02/2014
I have moderate p.acne and some nodular acne. This did nothing for me. You can't use it in conjunction with BP as it will turn your skin orange. Derm's don't prescribe Aczone alone though as it apparently doesn't do anything by itself. I was prescribed it in conjunction with a anti-biotic (Solydyn I think). Anyway, the Aczone did nothing to prevent breakouts. I think it may have made the breakouts a little shorter and less severe, but that may have been the anti-biotics. It was one of the most useless products I used. I used it for approximately 2 months(maybe a little longer). It's also very expensive.
Worked Better Than Anything Until It Stopped Working
on 19/02/2014
This was the best cream I've ever used. I used it in conjunction with 2.5% BP. I would wash my face, let it dry, spot treat with BP and then wait 5-10 minutes and put Clindamycin over my face. It kept me fairly clear for months. Then one day it stopped working. I kept using it for a month hoping it would start working again but it didn't. I guess the bacteria on my face acclimated to it. All in all it worked well for six months. I tried it again about a year later hoping it would work but it didn't. I highly recommend you try it. It may work for you and it'll give you some good clear months. Just don't expect it to be a long term fix.<br/>I've since moved on to a bunch of other products, all of which worked for short periods of time or didn't work at all. I started Accutane a month ago. Time for a permanent (I hope!) fix.