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Amazing, best thing I have ever used to get rid of acne
on 06/02/2014 should not say home remedies are largely ineffective! I have tried anything from Salyic Acid Pads to Proactive (Benzoylz peroxide) and they are not as effective as ACV! I use AC vinegar and has cleared up most of my acne in three days. I had this huge cystic acne/white head thing on my cheek and it is drastically going down. I dilute the ACV in water, the, apply it to my face. Straight up ACV will burn your skin and your face will turn red, dilute it! I highly recommend it, even millionare Scarlett Johnansen recommends it! Also, my scars are already fading. If you also suffer from body acne, like me, it works wonders! I have bad shoulder acne/keratosis pilaris and mild back acne, and this has cleared up my body acne and keratosis pilaris really good. BTW, the smell goes away in like 5 minutes amd is hardly noticeable.