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on 06/02/2014
I have suffered from severe cystic acne ever since I had my second son who turned 1 a few months back and I was at my wits end literally.. I tried proactiv along with every name brand product u can find at a drugstore or walmart NOTHING worked. I have combined a multivitamin with a ginger root supplement and fish oil ( all three support digestive health which is key in battling cystic acne) with tea tree oil each morning and night and after just a few days I am seeing HUGE improvement. All of my big cyst like bumps are gone and my overall skin texture is getting healthier and more radiant by the day. From what I have learned acne stems from many internal problems so while TTO is amazing u must pair this with a healthy diet, vitamins and minerals, omega 3s and lots of water and natural green tea with raw honey. Natural remedies are good for other diseases too I suffer from prolonged anxiety which has led me into depression but by combining Fo-to and ginseng supplements( find these at a health or vitamin shop) I am combatting these diseases as well as purifying my body. Natures medicine is the only medicine. I haven't felt this good in almost ten years. I really wanted to share this story because of how happy I am since I started using natural medicine instead of man made pharmaceuticals. It's become such a hobby of mine I am studying all kinds if natural cures. It has greatly reduced my stress level as well! All of these problems are linked to acne! Also walmart carries Australian 100 percent pure TTO for $2.57 in America so if u r paying $10 check it out in the pharmacy section in walmart! It's a nice size bottle too!