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BEST natural alternative to accutane!!!
on 07/09/2017
This is what I'm calling my natural alternative to accutane. Just before I took the tane (actually during the first 2 weeks of it) I decided to give estroblock a try because I way prefer to put natural stuff in my body, and accutane scares the heck out of me. Im so glad I did because I have just finished 5 months on this and can successfully say I have had no breakouts since starting this, only 3 or 4 pimples. Using in conjunction with a facial cleansing brush is probably really helping, but EB is incredible. This review is completely unsponsored and I am giving my 100% honest feedback on how it worked for me. I finally found the pot of gold for my skin (and healthy at that!!!).
Game Changer
on 07/09/2017
This is completely unsponsored and I want to make that clear up front cause I happen to know this company tries to promote through many sponsors on youtube. Even though they were sponsored I somehow wanted to give a facial brush a try without dishing out the money for a clarisonic. I had friends who said the clarisonic was a mega help for their skin and they wouldn't go without it. Anyways, this spin brush has been the best (and much safer) alternative to the chemical peel products I used too often in the past. The spin brush is perfect for deep cleaning, leaving my skin quite glowing and pimple free. I've been using it for almost 5 months now and have seen a mega reduction in pore size (85%), blackheads (90%) and overall pimples. I don't get breakouts anymore. I tried the more prestigious spa brush by this company but this one works far better for my skin, way less abrasive. I love this and I can't go without it now. I noticed dramatic results when I started doing clay masks beforehand and then deep cleaning after with this and a facial cleanser.
Will update in a month
on 21/03/2017
First week in, no new pimples. Reviews seem too good to be true. I hope this is it, as accutane is the next step. Please work for me estroblock!!! See the reviews on amazon. Sounds like incredible stuff. Ill post back soon! Ps- it says take with liver support supplement to aid in detoxification... better results
Still premature but noticing results right away
on 17/02/2017
Hi, In a last attempt at doing something for my skin before taking the accutane plunge, I saw the doc and asked for the Epiduo (tactuopump here in Canada) cause I had heard on YouTube from a few people it cleared their skin up surprisingly well- they all appeared to have accutane like results so I thought what the heck. Tane is scary and even though I'm in no hurry to take it the possibility is fast approaching. My skin was under control up until about 4 months ago with Neostrata glycol if line, then I had an ingenious idea to try oil cleansing which SCREWED UP MY SKIN. Ugh I ended up with so many under the skin bumps that have taken over two months to surface and I am in a point of cystic acne that is moderately covering my entire lower half of my face. Absolutely horrific compared to the progress I had been seeing before. Anyhow, Epiduo has dried the hell out of my skin, it's tight, it hurts, not ideal BUT it had cleared about 85 percent of my active acne within my first week of use. I understand I may purge but I am quite surprised at the fast progress. The dryness pain is worth it I just want the bumps gone. If this works and I don't have to go on accutane it'll be a blessing. Will update soon
Could work, but triggered cold sores for me
on 16/12/2016
Apparently this is supposed to be a surprising wonder all natural supplement to help acne. On the downside, its also used to prevent cold sores. Took for 3 days and had 3 cold sores pop up out of nowhere. This never happens to me, i usually get a cold sore 2-3 times a year, when is stressed or immune is low. could be my final exam stress right now though. I might wait until stress has died down to give it a go again... seems odd it would promote cold sores forming not the opposite (?). Will write back here again if i take successfully and notice improvements with acne.
So far so good- and don't judge until your at the 6th week mark
on 16/12/2016
Hey guys, TOO EARLY TO REVIEW yet, I've actually just started doing this about 6 days ago now for my acne. I will update in future when I have a good review of how it treated my skin.<br/>I just want to mention something though, I notice a few people saying this "broke me out", "doesn't work" etc... and that may be true however PLEASE keep in mind you cannot judge how your skin is reacting to something until at least 6 weeks into something. Reason being is the natural length of average cell cycle from what I've been told is 4-5 weeks... so technically, it is expected to see some sort of a "purging" as dead skin sheds and clogged pores from underneath finally come to a head. So far, this regimen is working so well for me. PROS: facial redness is better by at least 85 percent if not 90, no new breakouts.... only thing I am noticing is some really tiny hard bumps in certain areas and I'm 100 percent sure this is the skin pushing blackheads out. I also notice how GREATLY reduced my oiliness is. like wow. my forehead used to be shiny within the hour after washing with cleansers, now its maintains itself with hardly any oil for the whole day, and my face doesn't feel tight either. CONS: I won't lie, it will seriously feel like your face is unclean when you wash once a day with water. here's the key though... It might feel incredibly dirty or oily but keep the water splash to a minimum. I made the mistake of rinsing my face with water more than a couple times when i was in the shower last night with really warm water. Total mistake, you get out and as soon as you pat your face dry you suddenly realize how much oil came off and its too dry. SUCH a delicate balance as your skin adjusts to running its own show.<br/>So if your skin is dry- stick to cold water splashed a couple times. if you are noticing its really oily, slightly warmer will wash away most of the oil but again it doesn't need to be more than 5 secs worth of splashing. Sorry i know this is specific, its really about feeling your skin out. One last thing, I have a lot of tiny tiny clogged bumps on the left hand side of my mouth. They are only noticeable if I press my tongue in this area and look in dim lighting (so seriously not at all noticeable to ppl) but they've been there forever and annoy the heck out of me. I'm obviously expecting to see a big breakout by the 4th week mark when they finally cycle through to a head so like I said best not to judge until 1.5-2 months in. I know its a while but rome wasn't built in a day: your skin needs the time to balance itself, shed off its layers naturally and push whatever is in the skin out on its own. I am washing with cool water every evening once a day, and using a konjac sponge (natural very soft plant material, packed with vitamins) every 4-5 days to **lightly** aid the shedding. Ill be decreasing this to once a week soon and eventually working off to nothing. I'm only doing this because i used to exfoliate everyday with chemical exfoliants so my skin is seriously dependent on exfoliation. It would be a Freddy Kuger mess if I didn't slowly tapper off :P<br/>**Update day 14! Skin tone has returned to how it was pre acne, breakouts are only in area of my face that had clogged pores, everything else is clear and no new acne has formed in other areas since this regimen. Only complaint is that dead skin does build up fast so I'm still exfoliating lightly with Konjac every 3 days, 4 if I can push it. Due to dead skin skin does feel rougher but I'm anticipating this will disipate with time. Starting a blog on my journey so check it out if you want more daily type details of skin changes and stages
on 01/03/2015
I have been waiting years, years, years to post a review that says I'm clear.<br/>Yes, this is what did it. I have tried everything under the sun, except for accutane which I discontinued after negative effects three days into use. Thank goodness I did, no need to take something that serious.<br/>After 4 weeks of using the Neostrata gel cleanser followed by this lotion (twice a day), I have only two zits on my face right now, soon to be gone. My skin has not been this clear in years. YES!<br/>There will be a small initial purging for the first week, and red skin for two weeks (my experience anyways). Please give this a try. This is the first time in my LIFE I have ever gotten people complimenting on how clear my skin is looking.
How to AVOID bad initial breakout
on 01/03/2015
Hi guys,<br/>A lot of you are getting initial breakouts, and some of you may be nervous to give this a go for fear of a major purging. First things first, you WANT an initial breakout. All those blackheads and clogged pores need to be opened somehow to GET clear, and you definitely don't want you body absorbing those toxins backup.<br/>But yes, I get it. Breakouts suck and and we just want clear skin now now now! An initial breakout is pretty much unavoidable, but again it depends on skin types and type of clogged pore. Lets assume you are like most of us on here who will get an IB. I'll tell you how to minimize this when using a Glycolic acid peel.<br/>Start off easy. A month before I started this peel I started the Neostrata line, which has a glycolic lotion that you apply daily at 10 percent strength (or 8 percent, but i went full force right away). This is enough to keep new zits from coming, and ease you into the initial breakout. I think I had a few whiteheads the first week of use. After that, nada. Bit of redness first 2 weeks but hey, redness i better than ten whiteheads right? My skin is the best its been in so long now, the daily lotion has reduce my acne 85-90 percent.<br/>I did a 30 percent chemical peel and so far no initial breakout or anything, my skin is quite clear, I am doing these peels to get rid of scars. Thanks to taking a couple weeks of a 10 percent lotion, I believe I won't have any issue with an initial break whatsoever.<br/>That being said, if you just want to jump right into it, expect an average to big initial breakout. If you can wait long enough to do some sort of 5-10 percent glycolic cream/lotion twice a day, then you'll have no problem with the chemical peel you'll just jump straight to results (then again, I can't testify to that for everyone, just my experience). It's all up to you. Hope that helped!! (In case you are wondering I am using the Neostrata gel cleanser, and follow up with the 10 percent lotion right after... best thing I have used for my skin to date... and yes, I've tried it all)<br/>*I am not affiliated with Neostrata whatsoever
Clear skin versus life long health problems. Take your pick.
on 31/12/2014
I feel stupid for even considering a drug with such horrific "potential effects". As most accutane users can admit however, the depression and social withdrawal that acne causes can lead a person to consider drastic measures. I'm 21 and I got tired of seeing everyone else in college enjoy youth with clear skin so after trying everything (over an 8 year battle) I decided to take the plunge and give accutane a shot. I'm only 100 pounds so the doc put me on 20 MG (10 twice daily). Took one the first night, next day took two. Within an hour of taking my second pill I felt extreme fatigue. The third day I once again took 20 MG in total and my body reacted instantly. Within an hour I had a wicked headache and crazy fatigue. This continued throughout the night with insane chills... Felt just like battling a bad flu. I knew the next morning I was done with accutane. Our bodies are so wise and only react like that if it's got POISON in it. Stop now, I am so thankful I got bad enough side effects early. I've read hundreds of reviews on "ask a patient" and I can't believe the stories I'm hearing. Most of the people giving accutane top ratings are people who have just finished treatment. The rest are people 10, 20 years after (and had only take a couple months of accutane) describing the horrendous effects it's caused them and how painful it's made their lives. If you'd rather trade your health for clear skin than that's your choice. If you think acne sucks, just remember bad health within will only multiply your problems. I'd rather enjoy fantastic sex with a face full of pimples than have clear skin and terrible sexual health for the rest of my life (yes, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, impotency and lack of natural lubrication in females are all patient reported outcomes from accutane). That's not all either. Some have needed colon surgery and some females have lost so much hair they need wigs now. So tragic. Read some of the reviews on that site and hopefully it'll change your mind. Way more people seem to be affected than the assured "minimal chances". Of course, is it hard for any of them to "prove" so many years later that it was directly caused by accutane. But seriously, is it worth the chance? Natural is the way to go. It can be a long process figuring out what works but the earth provides us with all we need. There's always new things to try so hang in there and forget this drug! I know a lot of people will read this and take it none the less, like I did, but spend the time reading how it's affected people's lives. You will be soo grateful down the road. (Sorry for the rant: I am not a doctor and don't claim to be. Just an honest opinion formed from others' testimonies)
May clog pores, but kills infection
on 09/04/2014
It may clog some pores, but only if you put it on single zits in areas with no acne. Like I found it worked best on a recent outbreak on the sides of my cheeks. They were dry, red and itchy… it was kind of like a patch of inflamed acne. I put the polysporin on at night and during the day when I could. too much will look greasy and clog pores. May tingle and itch skin at first. Redness and infection decreased after several applications