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Murad Acne system
on 01/02/2014
I started using the acne system 2 months ago. My skin is not severe but I do have the occasional break out on my forehead. For the first few weeks I started breaking out in places I never have before, I know with any new skin care product there is a chance you could break out. I thought after a few weeks it would clear up. I was wrong. Finally two months later my forehead is pretty much clear I am still getting zits around jaw line. I stopped using the toner and only use the cleanser and the gel treatment. The toner made me get little bumps all over my face.<br/>I wanted to give up on this product however; I am determined to stick it out longer than 3 months.
Clarisonic Mia
on 01/02/2014
I heard lots of mixed reviews prior to purchasing this item. I immediately started using the deep cleansing brush. Unike some people I have not broke out from using it once a night. If you are looking for an acne solution this is not it, however; it will deep clean and leave your skin feeling noticeably softer.