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Moisturizing Treatment
on 29/01/2014
I tried this product along with others with my skin treatment regimen. This product is moisturizing in a way and makes the skin appear smooth and soft. Helps clear up existing pimples but, not so much prevent them from my experience. For, me however I use Atralin at night and use Aczone in the morning. They work together to give the clear skin I want.
Great For Any Skin Type
on 29/01/2014
Began using this product when dermatologist recommended it for new routine. Wasn't quite sure how it would work at first. But, it has no scent and it's light and works excellently and doesn't stain clothing like other products do (contains benzoyl Peroxide). Will keep using. Works well for my sensitive skin.
My Lifesaver!!!!!
on 29/01/2014
Starting using this product a while back when I started seeing a dermatologist and I have to say I was a bit skeptical about whether this product would do it's job or just make my skin far worse like other products I have used. However, it proved me wrong it's very lathering and cleans well and has a light scent to it. I'm glad I've used this product and will continue to use this product. However, my only advice would be to leave on face for only 15 seconds because any longer than that it can become very drying.