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Is it a miracle moisturizer?
on 31/03/2014
I started The Regimen to combat the endless white heads on my face. Within a short time, my face cleared up amazingly. My face hasn't been this clear in a long time, but the nasty dryness and itchiness from the BP made me question if it was worth it to continue. I bought jojoba oil as in a desperate attempt to heal the rough skin -- my face felt like sandpaper! The first night i put it on, it stung badly. I was freaking out because i was assured it was supposed to be calming and not irritating. I tried it another night; it stung less. By the third night, there was no more stinging and something wonderful happened: i woke up to babysoft skin. I was amazed at the transformation. The rough skin had returned to its usual softness, and the more i used the jojoba oil, it became even softer!<br/>My skin is no longer dry and rough thanks to the jojoba oil. I was skeptical from the initial reaction, but it had subsided. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has dry, itchy skin from using BP.
Not for the face!!
on 27/01/2014
Dove is renowned for being gentle on your body, but that's only true for the neck down. I use Dove Sensitive bar to wash my body, but i tried washing my face with it and the next day i had a giant pimple on my face and tenderness and redness! What gives, Dove? How can you claim your soap is gentle and "sensitive" and yet it made me breakout?<br/>If i could turn back time, i would not have used it on my face. Now i have to wait out this breakout. Arrgh!