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Not for your face but sure seems like it.
on 02/02/2014
I used it to wash my face with this when I was little, you know wash your face before bed and stuff. Every kid did that, but when I was 10, yes 10 I first broke out. I used clearasil, and so on and so fourth from anything that costed less than $30.00 and every topical acne treatment from perscription. then I decided to go back to the back to the basics. soap. this is what I had. I used it and saw results in days. and now my skin is my user name: almost clear
no no no no no
on 28/01/2014
it burned my skin, wasn't exactaly cheap 13 bucks even on sale, didn't remove makeup, dryes my face, makes me blothchy and broken out, and read the article on this link for more; [link removed]
it great I guess?
on 28/01/2014
the salicylic acid makes it an amazing moisturizer for people struggling with acne, the oil free makes it 10x better, the only thing that could make it better is SPF, but anyway, make a DIY out of it, add baby powder, instant deep repair moisturizer/ sheer mask! Yet, it gives my cheekbones a slight burning, but only for a minute.
Zit zapper!
on 27/01/2014
My dermatologist asked me all the products I've used and the products in my skin care routine, I ended up using 35 products and I had 7 in my routine,now with clindamycin there are only 3 in my routine.