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Truly amazing.
on 23/01/2014
This stuff is amazing. I've been drinking a cup every night for about 2 weeks now and wow, I've had some very noticeable results. I suffered from severe acne literally the day I turned 18 and searched for 2 years for miracle products before I finally saw a dermatologist. I was on amoxicillin for almost a year and have been clear since I got off it - but I always have blemishes here and there and have horrible pigmentation around my chin. I swear my marks are fading and my face is glowing!!! I've gotten quite a few compliments on how nice my skin looks, and I barely have to wear any foundation!!! I found mine at a local grocery store for $10. I cannot even complain about the price considering how much I've spent in the past on medication. All I can say is give it a try!