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  1. I have struggled with obsessing over my skin for years. I keep a mirror in my purse and check it whenever I'm out in in bathroom or on lunch breaks. My skin was only ever super clear on the pill. Trying for for baby now and it's back to breaking out a week before and after my period. I don't have terrible acne but the occasional small cyst and inflamed acne around my chin during hormonal times. But I pick the heck out of my skin! Ive been trying so hard to stop and lasted about two weeks this time and broke down. It makes me feel like a monster and I hide at home sometimes. However I do find that going out people treat me the same. I am going to see a psychologist in two weeks for help. Does anyone else relate? I am sick on this obsession and wish I was back on the pill. I feel gross and like people stare at my skin but I honestly never notice that happening. Everyone says my skin isn't that bad but I know it's worse than some of my friends. I am sick of acne ruining my life but glad I have friends who care about me and look past my scabs. Ugh need to rant.
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    You have got to be kidding way be glad your pimples are small!!
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    Your skin is fine! if its mainly around the mouth it could be hormones. I get ones around my eyebrows when it's hot out.
  4. I keep telling myself that most people won't judge me when I breakout because it will clear up but I'm usually an emotional mess until it does. But when I was alot younger and had more breakouts I did indeed have more guys approach me than they do know. Even when I was on ortho cycle and my face was super clear I wasn't approached as much. So weird. I guess people really don't care as much I think. I am pretty sure I have acne dysmorphia...