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Cleared up Acne but it came back
on 20/01/2014
I've had severe acne from the time I was 16. I took doxcycline (2x a day first month) around the beginning of my junior year in high school along with two topical creams benzoyl peroxide (in the morning) and adapalene (at night) (I don't remember the concentration of either of them. Within 2 and 1/2 months my skin with clear. So I, being young and dumb and hate taking my med, cut my prescription by a month and a half. I was suppose to be taking doxy for a total of four months. Within 3 months of getting off it my acne came back, but just moderately.<br/>Six months off doxycycline my acne became moderately severe. It's been about two years and I'm starting doxcycline again along with epiduo. Hopefully the good results will happen again.<br/>My best advice is to used it directly as prescribed and do definitely take it with food.