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  1. ohh god, I have scars that look EXACTLY like yours, but i do not any have money to treat them (sucksssss Im a poor student so I have to save for my tuition). Im not gay or anything but you are good looking(really) man, the scars sucks and decrease your attractiveness for example I live in Latin America and due to cultural similarities (spanish legacy) we have a greeting that consists in a cheek kiss, in a cheek kiss, both persons lean forward and either lightly touch cheek with cheek or lip with cheek(this greeting only applies man-woman) . but due to my scars sometimes women feel uncomfortable and they dont want to greet me (its really awkward believe me, at least you dont have this problem ). I pressume you dont have back scars cause its much worse I cannot swim anymore (never again) I will follow to see if someone gives a possible solution to your scars although I only can afford TCA treatments and dermarollers (laser is very expensive) English is not my mother tongue so sorry for my english
  2. meeep zpsbcfdd577

    Please Rob, I want to know some things about your treatment for example What tca peel did you use?(strength), your photos (after and before doesnt have a date (How much time has passed from the first photo to the last one?). I admire your progress I have similar scars