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on 20/01/2014
Again, like it has always been said when trying any acne treatment, the key is to be consistent. I have been using this system for about 6 years and after a couple tweaks to it, I finally have clear skin. I have had acne for about 8 years with varying degrees of severity but mostly very painful cystic acne.what I have found to work for me it to first cleanse with the cleanser in the acne free system. I then exfoliate very softly with a damp washcloth as this sytem is quite drying. When the flakes are under control, i inly do this every other night. Next I apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton round. After this has dried I apply the repair lotion, the third step in the system. Lastly I mix some moisturizer with bit of alpha hydroxy acid lotion. And thats it! I do this all at night and nothing in the morning as my skin will overdry if I do so. I began to see results after stickling to my regimen faithfully for 4 months. After years of searching for anything to clear up those painful cysts and seeing dermatologists, I finally found smooth skin and it's cheap! Im just hope this can also help somebody else.