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Amazing, but it does take some getting used to.
on 18/01/2014
I have suffered from moderate to severe acne for many years (about 20 actually). I have spent literally thousands of dollars on treatments, products, facials, machines, you name it! But my cystic acne and my really deep black heads would not budge. I always attacked my face with the most anti-bacterial, harshest scrubs, pro-active, accutane, and deep cleansing masks I could find (I know now that this was just exacerbating my problem). Finally, one day, I thought I'd try the super gentle approach and see if it improved the condition of my skin (I had nothing to loose, it was already so so bad). I was really skeptical, plus it did not feel like it was cleaning and felt really weird to rub this stuff on a dry face but, lo and behold, this stuff worked!<br/>It does not lather or foam! Even with water it stays gel-ish. I use about 3 full pumps on my dry face (after I remove my mascara) and massage it it circles all over my face (concentrating on areas where my black heads like to form). After about 1 minute of rubbing this on, I rinse my face really really well with lukewarm water. I found the more I rinse the softer my skin feels. I use this every night and occasionally in the mornings.<br/>My black heads are much MUCH better now, the redness has been drastically reduced (I can go out of the house and feel confident with no foundation or concealer to hide chronic redness), and moisturizers WORK now, instead of just making black heads worse and my skin greasy (I use Calia All Natural Skin Moisturizer everyday in conjunction with Spectro Jel and it has changed my life).<br/>My skin is very dry/dehydrated and sensitive. I find that I don't even need to exfoliate as much anymore (maybe once per week or once every 2 weeks) since switching to this cleanser. I have been using it for two years, faithfully and consistently, because every time I try something else my skin looks and feels terrible.<br/>Once you start trying this, give it at least two weeks of using Spectro every day before you expect visible improvements. Good Luck!