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good wash!
on 18/01/2014
I have a love/hate relationship with this wash. I have been using for a about a year pretty consistently. I have had clear glowing skin while using this wash and spotted acne breakout galore with it as well! I use it in the shower, after rubbing it into my hands a bit it foams nicely BAM. If you wash in the sink or dont rinse off COMPLETELY it your face may feel a bit slimy to the touch until it dries. I feel like this wash does leave an odd texture to the skin over a loong time of usage. smooth feeling and even smooth looking but in up close lighting you can notice tiny bumps and uneven texture and I have noticed it on other roomates who use this wash as well, i have read about reactions to ceramides. However, It is a trusty wash, it has done the job of cleaning and is pretty basic, nothing to cry or rave over but a good wash that is shelf worthy. It has helped and not helped. sometimes it can dry out your skin a little but perfect in the summer. I stick with it because im afraid the damage other washes with funky or funkier ingredients can do. This does however keep my forehead super smooth, so I will always use this wash for my FOREHEAD. I do recommend everyone to give it a try, i think you will either love it or like it. it has its flaws, but nothing to HATE or pinpoint directly to this wash.
mixed feelings
on 18/01/2014
i washed my face with this for almost a week, and got a patch of blackheads and a few more zits, hmm? Alot of people on makeupalley have noticed a patches of dry skin or bumps that pop up. maybe didnt clean throughly or maybe it was just random acne or weather change. WHO KNOWS. However I do wash every area of my face with cerave and used purpose for only the "pore strip" sized area of my face near my eyes/upper cheeks and my skin in the pore strip area has been so clear and supple, ONLY in that area though. Im afraid ill break out if I use it all over since coincidentally my skin had a few more dots then usual when I used it for a week and my sister broke out in cyst, This makes me way too scared to try it out on my whole face, but for my nose/blackhead area it really works to keep it smooth and bright, I wish it'd work like that everywhere else hmm.... I want to give it a try but I dont think so. the rest of my cheeks have been breaking out and I wonder if its because this facewash runs into the rest of my cheeks as I rinse/wash. I DONT GET IT. If you dont like it for your face,it can be used for makeup brushes or body wash, its almost baby wash. I give it a 3 because it has potential and it does keep my nose under eye cheek area clear! if only i wasnt so scared!