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Helped Pitted Scars
on 23/01/2014
I brought it off ebay (i know it might seem a bit dodgy) i did buy the more expensive versions however and this worked amazing. I brought 50% and it did dry my skin at first ( peeling , redness and slight scabbing) however over time i noticed my pitted scars filling in. I would say they are about 70% better! they are only seen when light is angled on my face. If you don't mind down time (a few days - week) go for stronger solutions to see more results for scars. For acne however i think doing regular lower percent peels would be more effective . This was a long term process so don't expect over night results but it really has helped!
Not as great as it seems
on 22/01/2014
I saw so many ads showing how amazing this was so i brought it and was pretty disappointed. It didn't seem to cover enough and if i tried building it up it looked so dry and cakey and very noticeable. I haven't had any problems with breakouts from it. I now use this as a light powder over a liquid foundation since it just didn't cover enough. My skin is a bit on the dry side so I might re-try it when my skin is back to normal and see if that makes a difference. The Jane Iredale pressed mineral powder is definitely a way better option even thought its pricey its worth its money.
on 22/01/2014
The pressed powder was recommended for me when i went to see someone about my acne (I had some acne on my forehead) I fell in love with this! It can be built up to pretty full coverage and looks great. I think it might not look so good if you have dry skin though it might start to look a bit dry and cakey. I do have dry skin but i exfoliate and moisturise and it works great for me. It never broke me out and my acne cleared up even when i was using this everyday. Definitely try and get a test amount of the product first as it is expensive. Plus it has sun protection which is great in helping avoid hyper-pigmentation and sensitive skin issues during antibiotics and treatment. I found at first it might look a bit too matte and powdery however give it half an hour and your natural skin oils make it look great and like natural skin
Good and Bad
on 16/01/2014
I think this foundation is pretty decent however i found it to be too cakey on skin ( you can really notice it on pimples) It was more of a medium coverage for me as it doesn't cover dark acne marks with one application which meant building it up and i thought it looked very obvious on these spots. It didn't break me out or at least not that i noticed. I think this foundation is best for special occasions where there will be a lot of photography. On an everyday basis i think this is too heavy and noticeable
Not good for sensitive skin
on 16/01/2014
I have relatively sensitive skin ( its not super super sensitive) a lot of products make my skin worse because they are just too harsh. I tried applying lemon juice on my skin, it would burn and my skin would be really red but i stuck with it. By the way I only applied at night as lemon juice can have a bad reaction in the sun. My face was itchy and sore during the time i used it and i noticed little whiteheads appearing. I thought it might just be the bad stuff coming to the surface but i didn't go away. I stopped using it and my skin went back to normal. I suggest drinking it instead in warm water THAT does wonders! Also i suggest really looking into skin ph balance, i didn't balance my skin when using lemon juice ( lemon juice is really acidic and I just used it by itself) that might be why it didn't work for me ?