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  1. My 8 year long battle with acne (with pictures)

    Why do you always wear sunscreen?
  2. My 8 year long battle with acne (with pictures)

    Did you try the caveman regimen?
  3. My 8 year long battle with acne (with pictures)

    Judging by the pictures you don't seem to be a picker. It took me 8 years to realize that picking makes my skin much worse. Do you have acne only on your cheecks?
  4. It isn't painful at all. It is just a white paste made of dead skin cells. The skin gets slightly irritated when I remove it as shown in the picture above. Explanation for the picture above: I was showering and I thought I removed the dead skin layer (I didn't have a mirror in the showed) so when I got out I realized there is some dead skin left and I decided to take a photo to show you guys what am I talking about in my previous posts.
  5. Here is how it looks like after showering with hot water.
  6. Yes, it is flakey and I have it all over my nose (and yes, it is worse on the sides where the nose begins) and on the chin as well. I can rub it off easily but it comes back in a couple of days so I don't do that at all. I have a feeling that my skin produces even more oil if I remove the layer which leads to more whiteheads (as if the dead skin layer works as an anti whitehead agent; it doesn't make much sense, I know). I am an athlete and every time I get sweaty people ask me what kind of cream do I put on my face even though I don't use any product. It have been living with this more than 5 years and I haven't noticed any permanent damage so far.
  7. I am facing the same problem and I have noticed that the best thing to do is to let it be. I don't use any products on my face anyway.
  8. Ugly Spot From Skin Picking !!

    Just give it more time and do not pick on it again if you don't like the idea of having a scar on your nose. The scrub will fall off by itself in a week or even more depending on how deep is the wound.