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Uva ursi and liquorice powder recipie ONE STAR ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE jUST STARTED USING IT
on 10/03/2014
DO NOT USE THIS FOR MORE THAN TWO MONTHS- not longterm.<br/>Urva usi is a natural treatment for scars, long term use can cause the opposite effect in scars causing them to darken, the higher the dose of uva usi the higher the concentration of hydroquinone. Hyqroquinone can cause cancer but urva usi is a natural form of bet arbutin- at low levels for short periods its fine.<br/>Buy some urvaursi capsules (holland and barett)- one capsule is 500mg. You need a 2% concentration of urva usi to liquorice root.. 2.2g the equivalent of 4 and a bit capusles is sufficent- do not exceed. I then added this to some boiled liquorice root I used 8g of liquorice root - they sell 4 sticks of the stuff in holland and barett for £2.50 you just shave the brown skin off with a peeler and break it into a 8g piece. Liquorice root is SAFE long term and is more effective than things like lemon juice<br/>Overall cost urva usi capsules £10 ish and then like £2.5O for the liquorice root. The liquorice root will last you a while. Put please dont use urva usi for more than 2 months and stop if your hypermigmentation is gone.<br/>HOWEVER - alpha arbutin is seen as more effective this comes from the white mulberry - what sucks is that i didnt do enough research before and have no money so if you want better results try white mulberry capsules stir in with liquorice root water. PLEASE do research on white mulberry - but i thinks it the same as beta arbutin when it comes to long term use<br/>I have only started using this stuff.