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Too irritating
on 02/02/2015
I have severely oily skin, and I bought this thinking that it would become my holy grail cleanser.. Well, that wasn't the case. First off, after using it my face feels soo tight and irritated (I'd heard a lot of people didn't like it for that reason). Secondly, this did NOTHING for my oily skin. No improvements whatsoever, even after using it every night for almost 2 months. Lastly, and I can't be completely sure it was this product, but I think this may be what gave me the same impacted pores that someone on a previous review mentioned. So, yeah, I'm kind of done with this soap.<br/>For added measure, it doesn't smell all that great.
Leaves my face too greasy
on 30/08/2014
3 things. First thing I noticed when I applied it was the smell - it's got SPF 15, and you really can smell it! Second thing was a stinging sensation after applying, although I've been using it every day for over a month now and I really don't feel that anymore. Lastly, and most importantly, I'd say it's pretty heavy: I applied it today around 10 AM, it is now about to be 3PM, and my face still feels/looks super greasy! If it's just my face being oily, then I can't recommend this to anyone with oily skin. If it is indeed the product, then yeah, I definitely don't recommend this.
Don't recommended if you're on various topicals
on 13/02/2014
It claims that it's a gentle cleanser, and since I use Epiduo and Clindamycin, I decided to give it a shot. About 2 days into using it my face was becoming very dry and would burn for at least an hour after I applied my topicals. One day, it went so far as to practically burn the first layer of skin on my chin raw. I asked my derm about it and she told me that while it is generally a good cleanser, she doesn't recommend it for someone, such as myself, that uses various topicals. So make sure to look up if your topicals have harsh interactions with this cleanser before you try it out!
Not the best coverage
on 17/01/2014
I purchased both the green and yellow concealers and what I've found is that unless it's really hot out and the products are melting a bit, they're really hard to blend onto your skin. I have to apply several coats of the green stick until I see the redness is gone, but by then it looks cakey. Same goes for the yellow corrector. I'd say the worst part has to be that whenever I use it on the redness on my cheeks and then apply foundations, only a few hours later and the foundation has rubbed off my cheeks.
Not working for me anymore
on 12/01/2014
For the first week I was washing my face with it in the afternoon and before bed and felt my face was clearing up. I moved down to washing with it once a day. I was taken off of an oral antibiotic a few weeks ago and broke out with numerous red, painful bumps. I figured the soap would help soothe it, but nope, it hasn't done anything for me. I guess I'll move back to washing with it twice a day...