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on 09/01/2014
I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering with cystic acne since I was 18. A couple months after I turned 18 I started birth-control. at first it was doing wonders with helping my cramps and the couples zits I would get before my period. But a couple weeks later for some reason I started to get whiteheads all over my chin and my cheeks. Not just small little whiteheads, but huge nasty white painful bumps. I tried switching birth controls but it wasn't working. I realized it was the birth control so I got off of it immediately but my hormones were still out of whack and the acne was still there. Instead of the whiteheads I was used to getting it was now painful cystic acne All over my cheeks and towards the corners of my lips. It left horrible scarring and very red hyperpigmentation, along with redness of the skin. I tried everything under the sun to take care my acne including: vitamin E oil, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, all sorts of face washes, not washing my face, and nothing was working. The past couple months all I would do is wash my face and that was it and it seemed to be working but before my period I would get lots of acne on my chin and my cheeks. I was against getting on birth control for obvious reasons so that was out of the question. I read reviews on tea tree oil and it's amazing wonderful outcomes for people. I was against using it for a long time because it had the word oil in it and vitamin E oil had made my skin a little worse so I was hesitant. Two weeks ago I bought tea tree oil and started rubbing it on my face without diluting it (I'm not very good at reading directions) but it was still doing the job. All of the small blackheads I had on my chin have disappeared as well as the ones on my cheeks. Any zits I do get are defeated by the tea tree oil and do not get any bigger. I'm so glad I finally found something to work with my horrible acne.