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Waste of hope
on 08/01/2014
I had mine done at Manchester Private Clinic. I first got acne at 9 years of age, and I am now 20. I started my treatment when I was 19. I have tried everything to cure my acne, antibiotics, herbal medications, special make ups, special machines, different contraceptives etc and nothing has ever been successful. I have combination skin both dry and oily. I mainly suffer from large, reg angry boil type spots and large whiteheads. Firstly the Jan Mari products they sell you with your treatment really stings, and are almost unsuable because of this plus they are really expensive and made my skin sore, red and dry so I wouldn't bother with these. They suggested I use mineral make up to get maximum benefits from the treatment so I did so, although I didn't buy theres as it was really expensive, I started with Bareminerals instead and that has helped slightly, also I started only using 'simple' brand products which they also suggested, and this also seemed to help. The treatment itself seemed to gradually work after each session although not dramatically. After my 3rd & final session I went back for a review a few weeks after, I wasn't happy that there was enough change and asked for the free session they had promised me during consultation. They were extremely reluctant to give me the free session especially considering the crazy amount of money I had spent, so I was extremely unpleased with this. It was only after my forth session that I noticed any real difference, my scarring had faded slighltly and I had less active acne although it was still awful but I was greatful for some improvement. A couple of months later and the spots have completely returned as angry as ever. I wont bother with anymore sessions, its not worth the hassle and expense for such temporary difference. Also during consultation it was suggested that I may have 'acne roascea' the lady finally decided it wasn't and that the n-lite would therefore be suitable however when i turned up for my sessions the lady performing the treatment said she was user it was acne rocasea and that therefore it wans't the right treatment to me (telling me this whilst performing the treatment) so I didn't know who to belive and this was extremely disheartening.