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Not just for baking
on 04/02/2014
I mix this is with most of my face washes as well as my body wash. It reduces redness, dries my oily skin just right, takes off the flaking from healed spots. Cleans and clears both my facial acne as well as my body acne. I mix this in with my facial wash, and my tea tree soap bar for my body.
Controls oil, reduces acne
on 04/02/2014
I use this every night, either tea tree oil diluted or Desert Essences tea tree pads, both of those I use daily. I have very oily skin, which causes my acne. Since I am medium deep skinned it tends to be oily. Tea tree smells nice (if diluted) dries my skin (but not to much, I can still smile after) and kills the possible bacteria that washes could not reach.
Working so far
on 04/02/2014
I have not finished my first month quite yet, but I do see a difference. I have had acne since the fourth grade and it has been embarrassing. It was always on the lower half of my face. Of course my friends and my boyfriend have always said it isn't that bad, but without the help of makeup it truly was a disaster. My skin on my chin area is completely destroyed, I can barley feel it when I touch it. This pill has truly worked fast and has regulated my periods as well. I have been on many antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist, and I was a afraid of accutane so I tried this instead. I am glad I did.