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Great for oily skin only!
on 01/08/2014
Best foundation for oily skin it does control the oil very well<br/>It help to improve my skin it works amazing for my acne prone skin<br/>My only problem with this product is if you have a dry flakes or normal skin/not that oily you gonna hate it<br/>It dried out my skin so bad
I love it
on 01/08/2014
I used to have dry skin and I loved this foundation it's the most natural light coverage ever well that's what I thought in 2 years ago now I have combination /oily skin with alot of acne I still love it when i feel that I don't wanna to wear a lots of makeup on but you obviously gonna need to use powder with it especially if you have oily skin<br/>My only problem with it that it doesn't last that long! Maximum 6 house
best make up remover ever
on 30/12/2013
My favourite the best it clean my face and remove my makeup with out drying or irritating my skin I even buy it over 5 times
great product for acne and break out
on 30/12/2013
At first I didn't like it because it makes my skin soo dry and tight but I learned that I need a good face lotion and you're good to go it helps to clear my skin and stop the break outs also it's gentle on the skin and great to clean makeup .