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no real results..
on 29/12/2013
I read in some beauty magazine try make an Aspirin and water paste, use as a spot treatment.. I was convinced of the logic of the salycic acid in it, it should work.. after about a year of applying on spots, I saw no results and actually more clogging and inflammation.. However, I have found I am one of those skin types chemicals an salycic acids cause almost like an allergic acne to occur.. best results with baking soda spot treatment
works.. need a couple days though:)
on 29/12/2013
I tried this a long time ago and due to the burning sensation and the fact I saw acne come up, I shelfed this for a long time.. after much reading and research, I found due to it' s detoxifying it brings the deeper acne up to the surface. I took a weekened where I could stay home, applied ACVinegar a few times, left it on for a while then rinsed. I then use baking soda and water paste as a mask, let dry, then moisten, exfoliate the raised acne away and rinse.. use this treatment once a week.. both products cause initial redness and a burning sensation.. you will need time, just a little, after using this. ending rinse with cold water helps
results then big steps back..
on 29/12/2013
I have had many friends and family use Proactive.. My brother had severe acne, so we ordered Proactive. At first we saw great results, were so happy.. then big, sore acne would occur and he would quit using it, then try it again.. same cycle.. due to auto enroll and the difficulty we had cancelling it, the stuff piled up. So i tried it.. It was so many steps, it caused more irritation and caused my skin also to launch a full on rebellion.. same cycle for me and I saw the same for my friends.
not for me..
on 29/12/2013
I have acne that is largely caused by sensitivity to chemicals.. both in what i eat and apply to my skin.. instant irritation with most man made products.. this product caused more swelling and inflammation for me. However, I gave it to my mom who had great results with it.. so, may be worth a try.. Walmart sells an Equate brand of this product that I haf bought for my mom to try and it did not work as well. I have found only natural, I mean as in 1 ingredient, baking soda, whole foods is whats right for the type of skin I have.
amazing results
on 29/12/2013
I have sensitive skin and every product I was using seemed to irritate and cause more inflammation and breakouts. Due to the nature of my job I wear beauty products daily. Got to the point my acne was impacting my confidence, everything.. One use of baking soda, deep ones started to dry up, open acne healed quickly and it pulled out too. I can use it daily and as a spot treatment, with just water as a thin paste.. Burning sensation and redness after use but this goes away quickly. Results got better with each day. I also used apple cider vinegar to bring up deep acne the exfoliated it away with b soda. When my skin gets dry, i use coconut oil as a facial and cleanse it off with b soda. got rid of all unnatural products on my face. even clean my make up brushes with it.. Love the results.