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  1. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    @OptimumcureIt's been a month since i started using hibiclens and I have gotten 80-95 percent clear. Give it a shot. Only dairy breaks me out
  2. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Maybe because I hate living a life where I'm always stressing about what food will break me out/always feel guilty and wait for a couple of days to see if something breaks me out. You reach a point where you start blaming everything you eat for your breakouts. I've lived like that for a few years and I refuse to give up and live like that for the rest of my life without atleast trying a few different regimens. You can't go out with your friends to eat and always worry about trying something new. For all I know, eating junk or dairy should give you a couple of pustules on your chin if anything , that should be the normal reaction- not getting 10 zits overnight that ooze yellow/white pus. I stuck to a diet plan to stay 100 percent clear from 2014 to 2016. All I could eat during those 2 years without breaking out was meat, rice and bread. Everything else broke me out which makes no sense. You can't live like that
  3. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    2 weeks ago I started using Hibiclens as spot treatment and it got rid of all of my pustules within 3 days. I was clear almost for 10 days with minor breakouts so I decided to start eating junk food again. I was getting minor breakouts but they didn't bother me much since they were really small. However, last Friday I had this huge ice cream dessert and I broke out with 4 pustules on my chin the next day. I was disappointed as I had thought the hibiclens would continue to keep me clear 100% no matter what I ate. The breakout went away in 2 days and I was clear again, getting minor breakouts here and there while continuing to eat junk. The interesting part about this was that before hibiclens, when i used to eat junk, my breakouts would be SEVERE like 15 pustules or so at a time. However, now I only get like 4 if I use hibiclens. I ate another ice cream dessert this Friday and I broke out again in 3 to 4 pustules but these are a bit persistent. Without hibiclens, I would have broken out in at least 15-20 pustules. Maybe this confirms that I have been dealing with a staph infection and hibiclens is helping? I have also started applying rubbing alcohol to my ears and inside of nostrils to try and get rid of staph. Overall, my skin has improved a lot but I am just trying to reach a point where diet will have 0 impact on my acne. Emotion wise - Confused, depressed but determined. Depressed/confused when I brokeout and though hibiclens is losing its effectiveness. Determined because my skin has actually gotten better so maybe I am near to finding my cure. Just wondering out loud - does anyone know if it is possible to become resistant to hibiclens? Also, BP 10% works well at keeping staph infection away and pustules. Some people have had success with BP+ Hibiclens and have been 100% clear without diet changes. I am nearing the 10 day mark of using hibiclens as a facial wash once a day. My next step is to add BP 2.5% and see if it helps. I have used BP in the past 10 years ago but did not moisturize and believe I damaged my skin quite a bit. However, I think I will give it another shot. Anyone else had any success?
  4. Staph In My Nose Caused My Pimples

    @healthyalmonds Can I use rubbing alcohol inside my nostrils to kill staph like you have been using it for your ears?
  5. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    @Optimumcure From my understanding, it does not affect seb derm. I would however suggest to ensure that you actually have seb derm related folliculitis before going down the antifungal route. I started clearing up this week because I stopped nizoral and went back to just H&S and Sulfur ointment. I may have what is called Staph Aureus related folliculitis. It gives similar breakouts to what we have been experiencing and lives in your nose and ears. It easily makes it way to your face if you have sinus issues, runny nose or if you have habit of touching your nose and ears and then your face. Application of triple antibiotic ointment just inside the nose and ears has proven to kill this infection for a number of people and solved or minimized their breakouts. Google "Healthyalmonds staph infection" and you'll come across his posts on this website and on Reddit where he explains it all. Another product known to kill this infection is Hibiclens. I tried putting it on a cluster of pustules on my face and it literally got rid of them overnight. Tried it again on another set of pustules and they went away too. Be careful not to get it into your eyes or nose though as it can cause major damage to both. You have to be very clean during this process of getting rid of staph related folliculitis as you can easily reinfect yourself either from your own body or surroundings. Need to change your pillow cover often, bedsheets etc.
  6. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    I now think I might have misdiagnosed my pustules as a fungal problem while it was actually bacterial. The Nizoral and Cerave moisturizing cream only helped for 6 days till last Thursday before I got a pretty bad breakout again. Usually my pustules clear up on their own in 2 or 3 days but this specific breakout refuses to go away since Thursday. I had added Nizoral and Cerave cream to my regimen. Nizoral could be the culprit but I doubt it since I have been using an antifungal shampoo (H&S) for three years without any issues. Or maybe since Nizoral is a stronger anti fungal it could have messed up my malassezia and bacteria balance on skin and killed the yeast letting bacteria overtake and cause more problems. Cerave cream could be the issue too- maybe it clogged my pores so I'm seeing more breakouts now. I was using cetaphil for 3 years prior to this with no issues.I have removed both Niz and Cerave from my regimen since Sunday but the pustules continue to pop up. The only reason I was convinced that my condition is fungal was because I was getting bumps and pustules on my scalp too. Now I'm starting to think it's actually the staph aureus wreaking havoc both on my face and scalp. I have a bottle of Hibiclens sitting in my room but I'm a bit scared to use it as I do not want to cause more damage after Nizoral+Cerave trial.
  7. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Ok, I am aborting this nizoral+cerave cream trial after 12 days. My skin got pretty clear last Tuesday (5day mark) and I had a really bad breakout on Thursday night which is refusing to go away. I actually realised Tuesday was the only day i was clear 80% and wednesday afteroon i got about 7 small whiteheads but i disregarded them since they were small in size amd went away real quick literally within a few hours. Thursday night was bad. I'm switching back to my cetaphil mositurizer and removing nizoral till my skin calms down. Furthermore, Tom Busby from Rosacea forum told me that i might actually not be dealing with fungal acne at all since white/yellow discharge is associated with a staph infection rather than fungal acne so my next plan is to try Hibiclens, and maybe the triple antibiotic ointment therapy for sometime. Meanwhile, I will continue with H&S and sulfur masks.
  8. Staph In My Nose Caused My Pimples

    Hi Healthyalmonds. I am trying to figure out if my pimples are fungal or bacterial related due to staph aureus. Can an overuse of oral antibiotics cause staph to get worse? My pimples around my mouth and chin always clear up 100% when I am on oral antibiotics but usually 2 weeks after I stop them, they come back worse than ever. Would really help if you could offer some insight. They are usually whiteheads or yellowish pus filled comedones which hang around for 2 or 3 days but don't scar. I have realized I also drool a lot when I sleep on both sides of my face. Can that contribute? Also, my right side of the nose is blocked completely for a couple of years. I had not realized this till my doctor told me this 3 weeks ago. Not sure if that has an impact of staph aureus. Also, were you able to get rid of your pimples on your chin even though you tested negative for stap? Did the mouthwash help or do you still use BP? Thanks!
  9. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Thanks Canuck. The only reason I do H&S and sulfur is because it has gotten rid of my pustules twice in the past (got it after using antibiotics) and became a part of my daily routine for 3 years. I figured just adding in Nizoral won't have a huge impact since my skin is already used to H&S and sulfur. I guess you are right. Maybe that's why it keeps coming back after I get put on antibiotics. I'll drop either the h&s or nizoral and reduce sulfur overnight mask to 10min contact therapy. Question and it might sound silly but is there anyway you can tell your moisturizer barrier is repaired?
  10. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Update - Skin isn't doing great at all especially my chin area. Broke out in clusters again. Quite disappointing especially because I had started to really clear up a few days ago. I am willing to attribute this breakout to my shitty diet all week, especially on Thursday night when I ate junk food. However, I am slowly losing trust in Nizoral. I mean if it is still working, it should have prevented a bad breakout but I pretty much got one today/yesterday. I'll give it a few more days before switching to E45 Climbazole shampoo. It is sad that this type of Folliculiti/acne really messes up your life. You're always trying to figure out what triggers it - diet or new products you started using? It's hard to go out and eat with friends because 1) You don't know if the food you're eating will break you out so you can't enjoy it 2) I hate going out with those pustules on my face as it gives me a lot of anxiety.
  11. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Maybe we should start looking deep into this if most of us are still having trouble after so many years of seb derm and folliculitis. What works for some may not work for other - everyone's skin is different I guess. Maybe the ceramides in the Cerave cream/AM broke you out. Or could have been a reaction to something completely different. But if the lotion works for you then yeah, you should stick to it. Did not mean to offend you, hope all of us can work together to get to the bottom of this. Update from my side - Day 9 of using Nizoral and switching from Cetaphil moisturizer to Cerave. My skin started feeling a lot smoother around Day 4 (probably Cerave). Day 5 - pustules started to clear up or reduce in size and skin became very smooth. The pustules I have been getting now don't last for more than a day whereas before this regimen they would stick around for 2 to 3 days. I have noticed flaking around my chin and mouth around Day 5 mark - not sure why this happened. I broke out again this morning in whiteheads because I ate lots of junk last night - (Chocolate muffins, Doritos and a high carb diet). I was really hoping now that I am clearing up, diet would not have an impact on my follicullitis but today proved that theory wrong. I do a sulfur mask every night around my mouth and chin and wash my face with Head and shoulders every morning. I want to get to a point where diet does not impact my folliculitis or seb derm but I don't know if this is possible. Tom Busby thinks diet has no relation to this skin condition but I definitely think he is missing something there. Let me know what you guys think of my regimen. My plan is to switch to E45 climbazole shampoo on Day 15 if Nizoral stops working like it has been over past few days. At least this kind of confirms my condition is fungal related.
  12. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Cerave Lotion and PM contain an isostearic acid ester which let's malassezia grow. Here is what I found on one of the forums from a person who got rid of his malassezia - " I have since learned that this stupid ass yeast also feeds on esters and polysorbates. This rules out CeraVe PM and Lotion. For anyone wondering — CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, CeraVe Healing Ointment, and CeraVe AM are the only compatible products for malassezia out of the entire CeraVe line. Everything else including their cleansers, serums, lotions etc. might give you trouble since they have ingredients that are food grade for the yeast."
  13. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Just make sure the concealer you use does not have food grade ingredients for the fungi. I use the following - Canuckle, its great to see you got rid of most of your pustules. I think almost all of us are primarily concerned with the pustules, and then the seb derm. Totally agree with the anxiety bit, but I'd take your almost 100% clear face anyday over what I had for past few months. Your current regimen says Cerave Lotion night and day. Do you use the lotion or the cream? The lotion apparently contains ingredients that malasezzia can feed on. Diet has always worked for me for the pustules if I avoid dairy and sugar completely. But I don't easily gain weight and beig on this diet made me lose 15lbs so I tend to cheat sometimes. I just started using Nizoral 6 days ago along with Cerave moisturizing cream, sulfur mask overnight on my mouth area and Head and shoulders in the morning as a wash. My skin has started to clear up all of a sudden but I am still getting tiny pustule here and there which fade away in a day. Still to early to tell if the products are working or if I am just going through a clear face phase which will last for 4 5 days before another breakout lol this stuff can get so exhausting
  14. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Diet works for me too but I'm tired of controlling this through diet. Accutane works but comes back again, sometimes worse. With regards to dairy, did you try something else like goat cheese etc? Does sugar break you out too?
  15. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Hi everyone, Updates from me - still waiting for my E45 shampoo as I suspect we have a case of fungal related acne. Ok, something exciting that I found through reddit is this link right here This guy went through the exact same acne as us but realized its fungal and cleared it up. He has done TONS of research on this type of folliculitis and has a complete list and explanation of products that work and do not work. Based on what he is saying and on other threads I have come across, here is what I have found - This type of acne is not bacterial. It is fungal and caused by the fungi Malasezzia resulting in fungal folliculitis. Overuse of antibiotics can cause this (which is what happened to me) and so can other factors such as climate etc. Your first step is to eliminate this fungi's dominance on your face through an antifungal such as Climbazole based shampoo, Nizoral or Ketacanzole cream/shampoo. Now, while one antifungal might not work, there is a possibility that another one could. So don't give up on it and try out a 2 or 3 different antifungals for a minimum of 3 weeks. At the same time, make sure other products you use are not worsening your situation as this fungus feeds and grows on a lot of things we put on our face especially MOST moisturizers. People really recommend the Cerave moisturizer as this fungus cannot feed on it t grow. Or using MCT oil. Again, read the attached link and it will explain everything. Hope this helps. Rocketboysf, good to see you're back. You mentioned you get scalp acne issues. I get that too! BUT one thing I found out through my research was that SCALP ACNE DOES NOT EXIST. It is actually a type of folliculitis which is fungal and caused my Malassezia so I am pretty sure your case is fungal too. Read my post above ESPECIALLY the attached link! Wheat bread does not break me out although fruits and dairy do!
  16. Folliculitis WONT go away!! 10 years!!

    /topic/348100-white-pus-zits-around-mouth-and-chin-help-help/?page=4&do=embed&comment=3566052&embedComment=3566052&embedDo=findComment#comment-3566052"> Check this link. Try using e45 shampoo. It has worked for some since it contains climbazole which kills the yeast that causes folliculitis if it is fungal. People have reported success with it. You'll have to order it through ebay though. Antibiotics only make the situation worse in the long run.
  17. Athe is right. What effects someones acne might have no impact on yours. Nuts break me out like crazy. So do fruits since they are high in sugar. Almond milk and avocado would break me out too. The sauces you use in your stir fry could be high in sugar. When I tried using diet to control acne, it worked because i eliminated everything except whole wheat bread, white rice and chicken and beef. And then after a month of sticking to this diet, l slowly started introducing food items to see what breaks me out and what doesn't.
  18. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    How's the e45 shampoo working for you? Mine will arrive next week.
  19. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    You say the pics are 2 weeks apart yet the second pic has a date of May 2016? Everyone, I can't believe how many of us are suffering from this stupid shit yet haven't been able to find a cure or don't even communicate enough! I am proposing it again- let's all exchange emails or something and try to get to the bottom of this. I don't know about you guys but I am really passionate about this because it has affected my life in so many ways to the point I refuse to be in a relationship because well..imagine waking up beside your significant other with these crusty white/yellow mess on your face. You can inbox me your whatsapp numbers or email ids and I'll create a group where we can track daily progress and share ideas. Or if that does not work for you guys, lets at least make an effort to visit this website regularly and let each other know what is working?
  20. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Good to know. If it works, please don't disappear without posting what worked for you lol. If you guys are still down to set up a email group chat, let me know.
  21. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Hang in there bud. It is mentally exhausting, no doubt but believe that you’ll be able to get this under control soon. WE SHOULD DEFINITELY set up an email group or share whatsapp numbers or something (myself, you and marquisjo). I’m certain one of us will be able to get to the bottom of this. Even if it takes time, we can help each other get through it. Good thing you got the E45 shampoo. It’s something I want to try and have just placed an order through ebay. I really hope its fungal because canucklehead12 was able to solve his through E45 shampoo (check his topics). If that does not work, then on to Bioderma Node P. These apparently should work if it is fungal. For bacterial, I came across a thread where someone cured his using Hibiclens. It is an anti-bacterial product and he was able to cure his using the same. The worst part is that there is no easy way to tell if it is fungal or bacterial without a test done and most doctors are hard to convince because they just want to prescribe antibiotics. The corners of my nose get this yellowy stuff which I’m assuming is seb dermatitis. My mouth and chin area is REALLY dry and that’s where all my pustules are. I hope someone could tell if this is bacterial or fungal. TBH I HOPE ROCKETBOY COMES BACK and gives us the answer we need. But don’t stress guys. That’s they key. Don’t give up. Let’s exchange emails etc and stay in touch consistently. Hey, I live in Canada too! Did Hibiclens completely clear it for you? How long did it take to work? Why don't you buy it off ebay or something??
  22. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Hey guys, Please welcome me back to this website and thread after successfully getting rid of this condition twice, I'm struggling with it again Check my previous posts about my struggles with this type of acne and also my success story. To summarize, I cleared it in 2014 through diet control. It came back last year in 2016 for 2 months and I got rid of it again through diet control. I was clear again for a year till i broke out two weeks ago. So you might be wondering what causes it to come back. One word - ANTIBIOTICS. They will clear up the condition really well for the duration you take it, but make it come back worse. Do a google search or even a search on this website to confirm this, antibiotics makes pustules come back worse. Last year i was put on antibiotics for a week due to a stomach infection. Kept me clear for 2 months before i broke out horribly. I cleared it up with diet control but last month i had a surgery and they injected antibiotics through IV into my body. I was clear for 2 weeks and now its back and I'm trying to clear it using diet again. A lot of you say diet didn't work for you. That isn't true for me. You have to be really strict with your diet. 2 things to complete eliminate are dairy and sugar. NO FRUITS NO MATTER HOW LOW IN SUGAR THEY MIGHT BE. Trust me guys, remove all sugar - natural or artificial and ALL types of dairy like eggs milk butter yogurt and cream. No chips or chocolates or cold drinks or fruit juices. No white bread. Whole wheat bread is okay. No milk or sugar in your tea. NO ketchup (its horrible for our type of acne.) No coffee. Tea is okay for me. Even some vegetables can break you out so remove ALL fruits vegetables and dairy from your diet and youll notice the difference in 10 to 14 days. I stick to chicken, red meat and rice and whole wheat bread and it keeps me clear. After a couple of months you can slowly start adding certain types of fruits and see if it breaks you out. You won't have to stick to this strict diet forever. Just for a few weeks till your acne is under control. And then slowly you can start adding back food items to see if it breaks you out. Disclaimer- if you're in antibiotics right now and decide to stop using it, you will be clear for a bit and then go through a huge purge/ breakout for about 3 to 4 weeks. During that time period, even diet can't control it much. It's just a side effect of antibiotic which people fail to realize. But if you're not on antibitoics, the above diet should help you. Everyone is sensitive to different types of food. It's upto you to figure out which one is causing your issue.
  23. yeah, i did lol. too many antibiotics. how does carrot juice help though?