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Works as good as any other expensive topical cream
on 06/01/2014
I used a lot of topical creams that were supposed to help with my moderate-severe acne, without any remarkable results. I felt like the cosmetic industry was trying to steal money from me, so I decided to stop with all products and just let my face be. My skin got super oily but I didn't break out more than usual, which is a good sign. I feel as if my skin is now able to restore itself naturally without me stripping it from its natural oils all the time. I wash my face three times a week if I don't wear any makeup, and if it gets too oily I take a clean towel and gently wipe it off. It might sound gross but after a couple of days the oil production slows down as well, to the same level as before you stopped with all topicals. I do believe this is a good way to go, I only suffer from acne on my face and especially the parts where I put on a lot of makeup or chemicals, and I believe it's so irritated that the only thing left to do is let it be. For me, it seems to work fairly well. I do, however, believe that you need to combine the "no wash"-regimen with a healthy lifestyle to get an optimal result.
It actually worked!
on 06/01/2014
I took an antibiotic called "Tetralysal" and it is the only thing that has taken my acne away. No side effects whatsoever, I felt great during the whole time, but it took some time before I could see any improvement. When I stopped taking the pills my skin looked great (I would get an occasional pimple, but in comparison to what I used to look like it was fantastic) and did so for another six months, then I started breaking out again like before I started taking the pill... It works temporarily but doesn't take away the cause of the acne, so once you stop the risk of getting acne again is big. But for me who has tried a lot of things, this is one of few that actually worked, if only for a short time.
on 06/01/2014
I have moderate-severe cystic acne on my cheeks, I used this product persistently for three and a half month, nothing really happened. Made my skin dry so I had to use a moisturizer, but the acne didn't go away. When I stopped using it and only used tap water instead, my acne didn't change at all, so it was a waste of money.
Worst. thing. ever.
on 06/01/2014
The acid made me break out like crazy. I over used the product as well, I guess if you take very little lemon it might work, but for me it damaged my skin severely and I still have some marks left. It left a stinging sensation which I thought was a good sign at first, but it turned out to be a bad sign. Don't use harsh products on your skin, it damages more than it helps.
Not for me
on 06/01/2014
I have not touched gluten in two months now, but I'm still breaking out in cystic pimples. I used to have severe acne (a side-effect after coming off the pill), it's a lot better now but still moderate. I am also taking antibiotics at the moment and I think those are the reason why my acne is getting better, but since it's quite easy to stay away from gluten I don't see a reason not to do it. It's hard at first but as you get used to it, it's easy to stay away from bread, pasta, cookies... It's a healthy choice of life but I'm afraid it doesn't take away acne. Not for me, at least.
Dairy free diet
on 25/12/2013
I tried to stay away from dairy as much as possible for about two-three months. It was very hard, we eat a lot of dairy-based food in my family, but we started using oat milk (I think that's what it's called) which worked fairly well. During this time I saw no improvement on my skin whatsoever. I occasionally put some butter on my sandwich every now and then but compared to the massive amount of dairy I used to consume, you'd think you'd still be able to see improvement even with a little cheating. I honestly can't see a connection between my dairy intake and acne, so I've given up om it and now I eat yoghurt everyday for breakfast and so far my skin has not been getting worse (I've been eating it for a few weeks). I guess like with everything it's individual. I'm not sure if milk/lactose intolerance is connected to acne, but I come from Sweden where lactose intolerance is one of the lowest in the world. Just a thought!