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  2. 4 hours ago, marykay18 said:

    I have been going to a dermatologist for a year now. I receive chemical peels and microdermabrasion every two weeks (alternating). The derm insists that I will see results if I stick with it long enough. My skin looks a lot better as far as my pore size and coloring, but the texture is still awful. The derm says my next step is micro needling. 

    Sorry, but your derm is selling you Kool-Aid. :) 
    4 hours ago, marykay18 said:

    Last month I went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation. I asked about subcision and filler but the assistant I saw (I didn't actually get to meet with the plastic surgeon) said that I would have better results with Fraxel on top of TCA.

    The plan should always be to elevate the pit first and then treat the surface texture later. You were right about Subcision + Filler. What the PS suggested was all about texture. You will need TCA cross (not TCA peel) to fill the icepick and smaller boxcar scars. You will also likely need an ablative laser (not Fraxel) to fix the texture later.
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  4. Advice on the best treatment for Boxcars?

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    2 hours ago, salmonavocado said:

    Would really appreciate any advice on what treatments I should pursue.

    The best treatment for smoothing out the jagged edges is using the good ol' Erbium Ablative laser. Basically you're completely removing the top epidermal layer.

    However, this step should always be the last option in the overall treatment plan. You first want to fill the hole as much as possible FROM THE BOTTOM and then resurface the top. As such, using RF like Intracel is a good bet. Be that as it may, I always believe pairing Sculptra with RF will give a better result. Hence, I suggest you get a single injection of Sculptra 4 weeks PRIOR to RF.
  5. Derminator for my scars?

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    1 hour ago, thepwhisp said:

    From derminator?  I'd say impossible.  @siriuslee @beautifulambition or anyone else what are your thoughts?

    Manual microneedling is good for correcting superficial wrinkles but to say it can fix acne scar, namely pits, is bit of a stretch IMHO.
    14 minutes ago, Silavana said:

    I agree, if you are not getting the results you want with at-home treatments, looking to rf microneedling. I've heard this treatment gets good results.

    Consider pairing RF with Sculptra for additional volume enhancement. You'll need to get Sculptra at least 4 weeks PRIOR to RF. Also note that you need only 1 injection per RF, not the recommended number of 3 injections spaced out every 4 weeks. 
  6. 8 hours ago, Cold_Cherry said:
    On 6/10/2018 at 7:34 PM, Sirius Lee said:

    将HA血清用作第一涂层,将DMSO用作第二涂层。我个人目前不使用HA,但我发现使用DMSO确实有助于吸收,特别是对于像蓖麻油这样的稠油脂。为了进行比较,我建议你在面部的一侧涂抹HA + DMSO,同时只涂敷HA。让我知道那是怎么回事。
    Dmso mixed with distilled water will heat, normal?

    Not sure I understood your question, but DMSO does create heat when it comes in contact with other solution like water.
  7. How soon to start treating a scar?

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    5 hours ago, TheBean said:

    It's shallow,  but wide...


    The enlarged pores are pretty noticeable. Have you received any treatments in the past, like laser or chemical peels? Numerous treatments will impact your skin texture (eg. thin skin will impair blood circulation), that in turn may have a negative effect on your healing ability.
  8. Apply Castor Oil before hitting the bed.

  9. You mostly have rolling scars with a few boxcars. I suggest you get Sculptra, which is a collagen-inducing filler, then follow up with Infini 4 weeks later. Once the depressions are elevated, you can then sand down any surface irregularities with either laser or chemical peel.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, TheBean said:

    Also, anyone have any idea how long a wound may continue to raise and fill in? Anyone know any tricks for helping it?



    The Four Stages of Wound Healing

    [...] During the maturation phase, collagen is aligned along tension lines and water is reabsorbed so the collagen fibers can lie closer together and cross-link. Cross-linking of collagen reduces scar thickness and also makes the skin area of the wound stronger. Generally, remodeling begins about 21 days after an injury and can continue for a year or more. Even with cross-linking, healed wound areas continue to be weaker than uninjured skin, generally only having 80% of the tensile strength of unwounded skin.
  12. 2 hours ago, mariaabc said:

    Thank you all for your help! It has been 18 hours and it hasn’t peeled. It feels a bit dry and tight but it looks shiny. Also, can I use any aloe vera gel? I have one but I’m not sure how organic it is...

    If you're not oozing or covered with blisters, I wouldn't worry too much. Aloe is okay, but Vaseline is better, at least for the next few days.
  13. 9 hours ago, mariaabc said:

    I’ve just done something stupid and used 60% glycolic acid on face... it was stinging as soon as I applied it but left it on for 2 minutes. I feel like my face is sunburnt. I used this once before but never experienced anything like this - it didn’t even peel nor burnt my face. But now, my face looks a bit red (though others are not noticing the difference) and it stings when I use a toner. Please help! How long do you reckon I will experience this? Also, when can I start applying makeup? Since it never peeled before nor did it leave wounds or scabs, does this mean I’m at no risk of infection? I’d appreciate any advice you can give!!!

    Exactly, how long has it been? Considering that you've done GA before, did you not know you were to neutralize it afterward using baking soda?

    At any rate, here's a couple homeopathic hacks you can try.
    1) If it still stings like crazy, apply oil (any cooking oil is fine) over the affected area and sprinkle salt over the oil.
    2) If it's not stinging (that is, tolerable), finely grind a raw potato and apply the pulp over the area. This will bring down the inflammation.

  14. 58 minutes ago, Cold_Cherry said:

    Can I use hyaluronic acid serum purchased at the store after DMSO?

    Apply HA Serum as the first coat and DMSO as the second coat. I personally don't use HA at the moment, but I find applying DMSO does help with absorption, especially with thick greasy oil like Castor Oil. For the purpose of comparison, I suggest you apply HA + DMSO on one side of the face while applying only HA on the other. Let me know how that goes.
  15. 9 hours ago, Novai95 said:

    1) What are you contributing the better healing to? Allantoin and DMSO?
    2) Also are you recommending Serrapeptase should only be used during treatment and once its healed you should stop to let collagen build up?

    1) Allantoin (and possibly from many months of taking Serrapeptase).
    2) Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, which basically breaks down protein, which is what scar tissues are made of (right???). So, to answer your question, you'll want to take Serrapeptase for at least 3 months BEFORE treatment to soften up the scar tissue. Then stop taking it at least 1 week prior to treatment and continue stopping for another 3 weeks (preferably longer) after treatment. The reason why you want to stop is Serrapeptase can negatively interfere with the new collagen production.
  16. If I had the money to burn I would definitely travel the world to see the most famous doctors, as I would for traveling. But whether you see a local doc or someone on the other side of the globe, please become informed about your health and what treatments are currently available. You really should become a "smart patient" before you step in for the consultation. Most patients these days are suckers who, having no knowledge about their health, simply leave all the decision in the hands of their doctors. Herd mentality at its worst.

  17. On 6/4/2018 at 5:04 AM, Novai95 said:
    @Sirius Lee Hey super interested in starting to take Serrapeptase and following the regimen you provided. Have you been following this regimen over the past few months? And did you see any results? Let us know. Thanks

    I've been taking Serrapeptase pretty consistently from January to April when I had another treatment. I've been off since to let the collagen do its thing. I am still applying other topicals regularly, especially Allantoin (Dr. Christopher's Comfrey Ointment) and DMSO. As far as the results go, leading up to the treatment in April, I have seen pretty good improvement in the skin texture and some minor scar improvement. But 3 months aren't enough to say one way or the other. I am, however, noticing that the skin is healing a lot better after the latest treatment and I anticipate it will get better over the next couple months.
  18. 36 minutes ago, Maria_70s said:

    Should I try the Infini first--my aesthetician seemed very confident it would work-- she does several per week for few years. 
    Should I start with IPL laser first? Or what is Fraxel I keep reading about? 

    Infini is a microneedling using radiofrequency to target mild to medium depressed scars. However, it takes up to 6 months for full collagen remodeling to take place, with 3 months being the peak. Anything less than 3 months apart is too early and you risk jeopardizing the collagen production. 

    IPL is used mainly for hyperpigmentation. It won't do anything for pits. 

    There are two types of laser, one harsh (ablative) and the other gentler (nonablative) on the skin. Fraxel is a laser and it too offers two types: Fraxel Repair (ablative) and Fraxel Restore (nonablative). But, unlike Infini that provides collagen stimulation from within, laser is used more to smooth the outer skin (eg. skin tone, pore shrinkage, etc.).

    At any rate, it's very important that you get the treatment in the correct order. Your treatment should always be filling the pit first and then sanding the surface irregularity to obtain the best outcome. It's akin to repaving the road. You need to fill any potholes before installing new asphalt. As such, you'll want to get Infini (bottom repair) before getting any laser treatment (top).
  19. 29 minutes ago, AA94 said:

    1,5 months now and this is steadily getting worse. Still getting new shallow scars everyday. I survived bad acne without scars. This is so depressing as I have no idea when this madness will stop...

    please people whi have had experience with this report here and tell me how long it took to stop..

    I don't have your problem so I'm hardly qualified to address your concerns, but I do know AMVC is the name of the condition that everyone mentions when it comes to "spontaneous scarring".

    FYI I'm going to give you all the pertinent links to the threads that mention AMVC on this site:

  20. 50 minutes ago, young_scared said:

    First, i think that i i've lot of ice pick.. Does a TCA peel could be done on my skin or it's to early after 1,5 mouth after accutane?

    TCA CROSS (not TCA Peel) is used to treat ice pick scars. Regarding Accutane, I suppose that depends on the dosage and how long you've been on it. But to be safe, you should wait 6 months.
    52 minutes ago, young_scared said:

    And if you can give me a note about the severity of my scars, and the difficulty to improve it, thank you a lot :) 

    Your icepicks don't look too bad. It should be easy to fix with TCA Cross. But you have a few boxcars of medium depth that are more difficult to treat.
  21. 38 minutes ago, thepwhisp said:

    1) I figure I can always go back for more aggressive nokor subcision in the future. 

    2) Half of the scarring that bothers me is on my temples so I'll definitely ask for cannula there I think.

    3) Do you think if I just asked for a full face cannula with filler I have the potential to see decent results?

    1) You should keep in mind that subcision works only for deeper scars that are tethered. Most severe scars are by nature tethered and subcision works great because it lifts up those scars. But if you have light to medium scars, which are usually not tethered, the effect from subcision will be minimal. (But $200 is a steal, so why shouldn't you get it even if it only meant 10% improvement? :)

    2) Most doctors will refrain from using Nokor on the temples and the forehead anyway. But you should note that those two areas are very hard to treat. Without fillers, you shouldn't expect to see a big improvement.

    3) Again, on deeper scars, cannula will be less effective than Nokor. On the other hand, if you have mild to medium scars, subcision itself is not of much use (disclaimer: that's just my own opinion). Also, even if you're a good candidate for subcision, one session of subcision will not be enough. You will usually need, on average, 3 treatments.
  22. 1 hour ago, thepwhisp said:

    1) I'm not against getting cannular subcision/filler if that would mean less bruising.  How long would the redness last from something like this compared to nokor?

    2) Also can you see good results from cannula alone?

    1) With NOKOR, bruising and swelling should fade within 7-10 days for most people. With cannula, depending on the size of the needle and the number of injection sites as well as how it was used (eg. "fanning technique"), bruising/swelling can significantly vary. However, it should be much less when compared to NOKOR.

    2) That really depends on the scar severity and its location. In general, cannula will be less effective for severe scars. On the other hand, it will be more helpful in the risk areas where there are major vessels. 
  23. 1 hour ago, RoyaleWitCheesee said:

    Hey All!

    I just had fraxel treatment (both 1550 and 1927 wavelengths) right at a month ago. I just got the derminator and want to use it for the first time. Is 4 weeks enough time after fraxel to do a derminator session or would it be advisable to wait longer? I don't believe this specific question was addressed in the derminator thread, but if so, I apologize. Thanks!

    There has been a lot of inquiry about the treatment interval lately. Full collagen production takes about 6 months, often longer. That's why all doctors agree that you won't see the full result in less than 6 months. Collagen remodeling, however, peaks at about 3 months post-op, and gradually slow down from there. Hence, it's ideal that you wait at least 3 months before receiving another treatment.
  24. 2 hours ago, damnscars said:
    @Sirius Lee 

    Sirius, why do you always say that you should always wait 3 months or more between Infini RF sessions? Your advice goes against what I've seen professionals say. Both Stephen Weiner and Katherine Dee say the opposite - that you should wait 4-6 weeks, not longer, so that the fibroblasts are still "revved up". And Stephen Weiner is generally regarded as the best Infini RF practitioner in the U.S. See their answers to the RealSelf questions below:


    My non-famous Infini RF practitioner also says you should do it every 4-6 weeks, with no more than 3 months between sessions. Of course she's not a doctor, but I've been pleased with my Infini results.

    So you've had another treatment in 6 weeks as advised by your doc? Has that been very recent? If so, document your progress by taking a lot of pictures because now I suggest you wait 6 months and get another treatment. By doing so, you can make comparison between the two.

    I personally have no vested interest in coming here and volunteering my time and effort to discourage people from repeating treatments in less than 3 months. I speak solely out of experience. When I had my first treatment, I saw a pretty good result up to, well, 6 weeks when I stepped in for another treatment. Then it all stopped. You would think it would have revved up the collagen production even more, but no, everything came to a screeching halt. I saw little to no improvement from that second treatment. Then, against all conventional wisdom, I waited 6 months and got the same treatment. What do you think happened? There's no point for me to even state the obvious.

    Anyway, I'm not your nanny, let alone your doc. I've never made a claim that what I stated are professional advices. I can only give you my honest opinion. The bottom line is that it's your call.

  25. Is TCA Cross legit?

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    3 hours ago, Raster said:

    I've been seeing Davin Lim talk about a procedure called TCA multi coat paint technique which seems to be a variant of CROSS, but with lower concentrations and is meant for boxcar scars. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much info about it other than some posts here and there as well as a couple of realself replies.

    Obiwan might be able to answer this more to the point, but I believe paint technique involves applying multiple coats of TCA at different concentrations. For example, you apply the first coat at 100%, frost, second coat 75%, frost...etc.
  26. 10% TCA peel?

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    5 hours ago, NicoletteCB said:

    I know it can be done at home too but I’m really scared of damaging my skin.
    I’ve seen videos of the toothpick application method and the issue is that some of the pores/scars are so shallow that I’m kinda risking it “spilling over” to say haha

    I thought we were talking about 10% TCA peel (according to the name of this thread). What you are describing above is TCA Cross, not TCA peel. TCA Cross involves applying very high strength TCA, usually above 70%, to each individual scar. TCA peel, on the other hand, uses much lower strength and is applied evenly across the entire area.

    BTW you do NOT need to use 100% or 70% for the Cross technique. It can be 50% or even lower. Nothing is written in stone. Start out at lower concentration and gradually go higher as long as it's tolerable. This way, you avoid the "spilling over" effect.

    At any rate, 10% TCA is very very very low. I wouldn't sweat it. You'll be just fine.
  27. 5 hours ago, Rominika said:

    I have tried these treatments:
    - 2015: One fraxel laser treatment 
    - 2016: Glycolic acid peelings at different strengths and microdermabrasion
    - 2017: TCA peelings at different strengths and microdermabrasion

    Recently I started microneedling (only one treatment so far) but I'm not sure if that's effective for my scars.

    What else could I do to improve my scars?

    Most of them look like very shallow icepick or boxcar scars. Either way, light scars. How much improvements have you seen from Fraxel or TCA? What type of microneedling are you getting? I believe combining RF microneedling like Infini and TCA peel will help a lot.
  28. 10% TCA peel?

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    34 minutes ago, NicoletteCB said:

    I found a trusted esthetician near me but she only does TCA at 10% apparently but her pricing doesn’t make me want to cry lol

    So my question, does 10% make a difference?

    Only if you want a good exfoliation. It won't do much for your scars though. Also this is something that can easily be done at home. No need to pay top dollar.

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