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  1. Bellafill after microneedling

    Thanks for the insight. I have a combination of boxcar and rolling and I think I would benefit more from Fat or Sculptra since it suppose to kick the collagen production in high gear. But here's where I'm confused. You say both subcision and filler should not be done on the same day. But as you mentioned above, you will get swelling from subcision and, as we all know, swelling tends to lessen the appearance of the scars. You know, we actually look better with some swelling. So it would be silly to get a filler when your face is still puffy. The doctor would have no idea just how bad the scars are. But by the time the swelling is gone, the scars might have already become tethered again. So my reasoning for doing subcision and filler at the same time goes like this. The subcision will release the tethered scars while the filler will provide the needed cushion to block the scar from bonding back to the dermis while it's healing. I've seen doctors use a Nokor syringe that allows both cutting and injecting. But, frankly, I'm just damn confused...Grrr!
  2. Bellafill after microneedling

    Just wondering. Wouldn't PRP or Fat Tranfer (or graft) be better than HA fillers? I was also told that Fat lasts longer. BTW what's the risk when it comes to subcision? Also is there a good baseline when it comes to choosing a doc for subcision?