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  2. I wish one session of RF microneedling would be enough but, unfortunately, that is not the case with current line of treatments on the market today, whether that's RF, subcision, laser, etc. With that said, I want to echo what BA has already stated earlier, namely, the deep boxcars you exhibit is better suited for subcision + filler rather than RF treatment. Getting those filled first should be your priority. Only then should the RF microneedling be considered. Acne scar revision should really be about "filling the pit" FROM BELOW. The only reason why there's a pit in the first place is because of collagen/fat depletion that lies, again, under the skin. If you think from that angle, getting the right treatment shouldn't be that difficult IMO. BTW how "aggressive" was the RF? I've heard countless testimonials from those who felt their derm/plastic underdelivered because they didn't go aggressive enough. So I took note and explicitly told my doc to go aggressive when I got my Infini. As a result, the downtime was much longer than the 5-days I was initially told. But who cares, if it could make my scars less visible, eh?
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  4. While Vaseline and Aquaphor would be good, try applying a raw potato (peeled, washed and finely grated) onto the affected area. It will speed up the healing process. If the nose stings from the burn, apply a cooking oil (olive oil, Crisco, doesn't matter) and lightly sprinkle salt over it. It will instantly stop the sting. Next time you burn your finger, remember this simple home remedy.
  5. There are many, many types of fillers on the market, with different viscosity, that can last anywhere from 4 months to well over 5 years (and some indefinitely). HA fillers like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft can last up to 2 years. Non-HA filler like Sculptra can last longer than 2 years. Then there are the permanent fillers like Bellafill and Silikon 1000. I would probably start out with a temporary filler like HA and evaluate the outcome, and then move on to a more permanent solution once I like what I see.
  6. @Obi wan As always, great stuff. I completely agree that this area is fraught with danger and it's better to be safe than sorry. With regards to the ablative erbium laser, it was really meant as a final touch following subcision + botox--not a treatment to itself. Anyway, I thought Lim did something similar with much success in one of his videos (can't recall if it was from Youtube or his Instagram).
  7. Great advice, man. Wow, my like-o-meter of you just shot up. Just as we are what we eat, we also portray how we think inside. The best thing we can do is to keep our sanity and think positive about ourselves, inside and out. Peace.
  8. 1) Stretching the skin alone does not give an accurate assessment of tethering IMO. Half the time, the exertion will likely also pull on the underlying dermis/muscle where the scar is attached to. Instead of pulling back, gently push the skin forward towards your nose from the back of the scar. If you see a big crevice-like wrinkle, that is usually a sign of tethering. Or as Dr. Lim suggests, make a smile and see if the scar puckers down. According to the Goodman and Baron grading system of post-acne scar, moderate scar is "not easily covered but flattened by stretching the skin." In that context, I would say your scar is medium (correct me if I'm wrong). I think you would benefit from subcision + filler, especially if tethering is present. However, I'll leave that up to your discretion. 2) Speaking from personal experience, I would say I got about 50% improvement from just 2 sessions of Infini. Some areas much more than 50%, while others less than 50%. But the real question is: Do you consider 50% as enough? For some, that would be more than satisfactory. For others, they want nothing less than 100%.
  9. I don't think Dr. Feelgood has ever written a self-help book solely dedicated to facial scars. But who know? It could come any day now. But in the meantime, you might wanna check out these links: The Emotional Impact of Skin Problems Made Beautiful by Scars: Real Women’s Stories Healing the Hurts of Your Past: A Guide to Overcoming the Pain of Shame
  10. But does it mean CO2 is more effective than erbium? I think not. Anyway, I'm not advocating for either one. I think lasers are the least effective treatment when it comes to acne scar revision. It should always be your last treatment option (here I agree with @beautifulambition). That's because it's only good for correcting SURFACE irregularity, such as shrinking enlarged pores and smoothing out boxcar edges. As such, I see no reason for "deep penetration". Moreover, "fractional" doesn't necessarily mean it's more safe―let alone effective. It just means there's less collateral damage since you're removing only portion of the skin. I've seen a truckload of side-effects from CO2 patients. (Okay, I exaggerate a bit but there are disproportionately more side-effects associated with CO2 than erbium laser.) With that said... It's been documented that each erbium pass removes only 25-30 µm of tissue while the CO2 removes whopping 50-100 µm with each pass. Also with the erbium, the laser gets absorbed by collagen whereas with the CO2 it vaporizes the water within the dermis. Each erbium pass generates the same amount of ablation, whereas the pulsed carbon dioxide generates a decreased vaporization depth with each pass because the water content gets reduced. Nevertheless, an interesting article came out last year stating that "a low-level carbon dioxide laser accelerates wound healing by promoting the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts."
  11. PIE/PIH are NOT scars. They are pigmentation issues. They will naturally fade over time. However, if you want to get rid of them fast, I suggest you get a V-Beam laser (google it for more info). You can also apply Hydroquinone (skin whitener) or Rosehip Oil.
  12. Well, if you've never suffered from acne before and you're massively breaking out, there's obviously something wrong with your body. First, go get your blood checked, including the urine test. If there's an infection, you will be prescribed an antibiotic. In the meantime, take aspirin to control the inflammation (redness) and apply tretinoin to the affected areas (while you need a prescription for Retin-A, you can buy Differin as OTC at any pharmacy).
  13. The simple answer is no, unless you come down with some major skin infection that requires hospitalization. The probability of that ever happening is nearly zero if you get it done by a professional. Comprehensive metabolic panel (aka "blood test") consists of glucose, electrolyte, kidney and liver functions. No connection to the skin.
  14. Yeah, unfortunately, the forehead scars are the least responsive to any types of treatment. The reason is that there just ain't enough collagen in the forehead as other parts of the face. That is why the cheeks responds really well to RF microneedling, while the forehead almost next to none. Be that as it may, you also exhibit tethered scars similar to OP, so you'll need to address that first by getting them subcised. I suggest you get botox, wait 2 weeks, then go in for subcision. Depending on the outcome, adding ablative erbium laser after the subcision will help give a smoother appearance.
  15. Scar type is rolling scar. But they look tethered, meaning anchored to the dermis (or likely muscle in the case of the forehead). Your best bet is to get Botox injection followed by a couple rounds of subcision. Botox will help with the horizontal wrinkles as well. Lastly, ablative erbium laser will soften the overall appearance.
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  17. Scar Success!

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    Single needling works like a charm for some while it does nothing for others. This is also true for subcision, to which some folks respond very well and others, simply meh! I guess you just need to find out for yourself. Cofactors that may inhibit wound healing are heredity, bad health (poor nutrition, disease, immunodeficiency, aging, etc), wrong treatments for the given scar type, ad infinitum.
  18. In order to see big permanent results, you'll need radiofrequency microneedling like Infini. What's more, you can really benefit from subcision because I do see a few tethered scars in the above picture.
  19. Icing Filler

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    Yes, but wrap the ice or cold press in a cloth towel and NEVER press too hard on the skin, otherwise you might flatten the filler.
  20. What+to+do+next/first..

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    What @beautifulambition advised is sound but one thing to note is that subcision usually do not respond all that well for mild scars like yours. In this scenario, I would prefer to go with (1) injecting Sculptra, (2) wait until collagen stimulation kicks in (takes about 4 weeks), (3) then go get Infini or other RF energy devices.
  21. Acne scar - Haroon 786

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    It's SAFE to get subcision immediately after Accutane. You DO NOT need to wait for the washout period of 6 months. Actually, the sooner you begin the treatment, the better. If your dermatologist disagrees, then show him or her the following article
  22. By healing, I assume BA and others are talking more about your body's ability to make more collagen rather than wound healing (eg. post-subcision PIE, swelling, etc). It can can take up to 6 months for your body to make enough collagen to fill in the pits, with the peak production at about 3 months. Hence, it's best that you wait at least 3 months, otherwise you're only disrupting the flow.
  23. Acne scar - Haroon 786

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    1) Redness is NOT a scar--they will go away over time. Pits are scars--they will NEVER go away, unless you treat them. 2) Your scars are pretty severe. Also they are numerous. Severe scars need surgical treatments like subcision. 3) CO2 laser is no good for you. Lasers cannot fix deep scars. 4) TREATMENT PLAN: Get (A) subcision and (B) Sculptra filler. Repeat (A) every 3-6 months.
  24. Seriously?!! Dude, your scar is pretty mild in comparison to many others who congregate this forum. What BA advised is all good, but considering that your scars are not severe at all, I would suggest you start off with Sculptra injected deeply into your scars (you'll need 3 repeat visits) and then follow up with Infini about 4 weeks afterwards. The underlying premise is that the Sculptra will help with the collagen production while the Infini adds further impetus.
  25. Acne scar

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    I see tethered scars in the mid-portion of the cheek, which cannot be addressed by dermaroller. You'll first need to get subcision to cut the scar bands anchored to the bottom. Then follow up with other treatments as outlined by BA. Good thing is that rolling scars just need extra cushion underneath to fill the cavity.
  26. I've been told that CO2 laser using high fluence with low density settings is good for both enlarged pores and Asian skin. Good luck.
  27. This dude sounds more human when he's angry. I guess we're all human, after all.
  28. What I meant was that there is no need to get another subcision in such a short amount of time. Sure, skin sheds every 4 weeks but we're talking about collagen here. I think another round of subcision will only disrupt the collagen production.

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