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please don't
on 21/12/2013
this is what ruined my skin in the first place.<br/>let me give you a background, i've always pretty decent skin, always clear, i never imagined getting acne. yes, i did have a few bumps and pimples here and there but never that severe to wear i would label it acne.<br/>then one day i came across a video by michelle phan on an egg mask. SO i decided for some reason it was a great idea to put egg hormone crap on my face. And it did work at first...but then i started over doing it. Every other day, i was loving the results and how plump and soft it made my face, not realzing how it was prbly just getting into my pores and staying there. It was the worse. And im still here today trying to get rid of this acne. So take my advice and don't put any animal hormones on your face. It's just..why would you do that? Why would did i...?